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Tennis betting

It is tennis betting in the large list of events that occupies one of the leading places in Parimatch Live mode, and it should be noted that this role is well deserved. All sports betting is available at the Parimatch bookmaker’s office – tennis is one of them. For example, if we always see football in the first place, it is tennis that comes next. Football in terms of popularity practically goes ahead without competitors and alternatives. Big tennis is characterized by a large number of tournaments that are being renewed constantly. The average tournament lasts one week unless weather conditions intervene. There are also tournaments that involve five-set matches. Parimatch also offers table tennis betting.

How to bet on tennis

A table tennis betting strategy involves a step-by-step algorithm. Initially, you must register – BK Parimatch offers this to any user who is at least 18 years old and can verify their identity documentarily by sending a passport photo. Open any tournament from the betting line-up – the menu is located on the left side. Unlike snooker or less popular disciplines, the online tennis betting line-up is very busy. Before you start betting on someone, you can check out the stats. There will also be data available on head-to-head encounters or the results of recent meetings. Parimatch gives you the chance to bet on tournaments and competitions:

  • Grand Slam;
  • Masters;
  • ATP tournaments;
  • Challengers and Futures!

Tennis Betting Strategy

So, be sure to pay attention to tennis betting predictions, in particular tennis betting by professionals. Let’s look at five-set matches as an example. This is due to the fact that a tennis player is awarded victory only after winning three sets in a match. This can be a score of 3-2. But in this case, the last fifth set at 6-6 is played without a tiebreaker. You have to be prepared for the game to go on until one of the competitors wins the match by a margin of two games. It’s easy to assume that the final score could be 16-14, 18-16 and so on. The history of tennis knows many examples when tennis players fought to the death, and meetings lasted for five or six hours, continuing the next day. This should be taken into account when betting on tennis live.

So, if you want to bet on total less and you are attracted to this type of betting, don’t be too quick to flatter yourself if you see a total of 40.5 or a close figure being offered. The strategy for betting on tennis in play is that if you play a too obvious favorite, who has a great serve, and an underdog, you may be more likely to opt for a minus handicap. If you have already registered and entered all the required details on the Parimatch website, you can choose to make a deposit in order to place the best tennis bets.

Tennis betting in Parimatch casino

PariMatch betting office – the best tennis betting for you

What are the peculiarities of online tennis betting

Many punters prefer to place live bets, as they can adjust the starting odds considerably. If the game has already started, the first point has been played, it is likely that the starting odds can be changed by one-tenth. If a player breaks, i.e. take someone else’s serve, the odds will drop drastically. This is especially true for men.

Betting on tournaments

If you choose to bet on tournaments on clay courts, the importance of the serve will decrease. In particular, there are some tennis players who prefer this type of surface exclusively. For instance, if we’re talking about clay, Spaniard Rafael Nadal is a classic. Every year he’s given us phenomenal results, winning every possible Grand Prix tournament on clay.

How to win on tennis betting in a catch-up

It should be noted that betting on sports based on the system of the overtake is very popular. It is also called more officially the Martingale methodology. It will be no secret that in tennis, as in any other sport, it is impossible to guess everything all the time. But the task of a successful trader is his ability to build a strategy that will ensure steady and constant growth of the bank. The Martingale methodology is based on the fact that after making a bad bet, you should choose the next one and pick up the amount so that it is enough to win back the previous loss. It is quite possible and realistic to do so.

Total, Outcome or Handicap

You can choose between the total, the base, the outcome or the handicap. You can use pretty much anything that the line has to offer for this tactic. Live betting is even more convenient. But generally speaking, there are very few of these grass-court championships during the calendar year. These include some ATP tournaments in the run-up to Wimbledon, and that famous Grand Slam tournament in England, which attracts the world’s best players.

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