Betting on badminton in the Parimatch bookmaker’s office

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Of course, badminton is inferior in popularity to soccer, hockey, basketball and tennis. But after its inclusion in the Olympic program in 1992, badminton’s popularity is gradually growing, both in India and all over the world. Not surprisingly, live badminton betting Parimatch to the biggest competitions of the sport. Knowing some of the peculiarities of the game and ways to analyze the matches, you can make accurate badminton predictions.

Badminton betting – what are the rules?

Badminton has similar rules to volleyball. The game is also played to two game wins, so the final score may be 2-0 or 2-1 in favor of the winner. To win a game you must first earn 21 points. If the opponents simultaneously scored 20 points, the game continues until one of the athletes is a two-point lead. Serves in badminton the player who won the previous draw.

In badminton singles and doubles competitions are held. The winning point shall be awarded if the shuttlecock falls on the opponent’s field. If the shuttlecock leaves the marked boundaries of the field, the receiving side earns the point. Also that player or pair who received, but the opponent hit the shuttlecock in the net gets the winning point.

Despite the fact that badminton may not seem as dynamic as grand tennis, many records have been set in this game. For example, the maximum speed of a shuttlecock was 493 km/h. The longest draw lasted two minutes, during which time the players produced 108 blows with their rackets.

Popular badminton tournaments to bet on

If you listen to Parimatch badminton betting tips, it is clear that the priority bets in badminton are totals and handicaps. They are the most popular because of the lower odds betting on wins (net). Opponents in the match are often quite diverse in class players. Participants who have made a bet must make the right choice, betting on the total or forfeit. Only in this case, bettors can get a decent profit from their bets.

It is worth noting that some of the most profitable for betting are pairs of players. Competitions in badminton are always popular with pairs. The amount of bets (quotation) made on such players is more profitable. It is easiest to predict the results of games among men’s pairs. Most of the famous bookmakers give their preference to badminton matches, which are held during the famous tournaments:

  • European Games World Championships.
  • Olympics. 
  • Malaysian and U.S. Championships (open).

At all held competitions the same conditions are observed. It is necessary to use the same surface and equipment each time you play badminton. In the main types of tennis there is a specialist for this.

Types of bets

In badminton, it is necessary to give preference to the types of bets that are used in various sports. The outcome of the game can be in options such as: P1 and P2. In badminton, there can never be a draw. In one game, the winning game can be made a variety by decomposing it into a 1 win or a 2 win.

A person who bets (bettor) in order to make an income can bet on handicaps, which can play for a particular player (athlete). Bookmaker betting firms consider the most popular totals (the total number of points) for the entire match, in a particular game – the first or second, on one of the players (individual total). Even odd or odd total points per game are accepted bets.

It is worth repealing the fact that you can bet on a win on the set of points to three, five and ten. You can do it yourself by predicting and determining who will score them first in the game.

A good contribution for the whole period of the tournament can be a bet to win. To do this, it is necessary to apply one of the highest odds, but it is worth doing only before the game starts. Only then you can predict on the winner. There are always a huge number of participants, so it is not easy to predict. It is necessary to be well-versed in all the details and specifics of the game.

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What are the most popular rates?

The most popular and valid betting strategies are:

Handicap on a stable winner (favorite). It is worth noting that not a small role in badminton is played by the psychological state and attitude. If they have a negative effect on the player at the beginning of the game (first half) or at the end, there is a big chance that he will not be able to bring the game to the end. Such a game can end in defeat. In this case it is possible to choose a minus handicap (on the same favorite). In this case it is advisable to watch the game in person. 

Game score (2:0). Most of the most famous winners can easily beat their opponents. In this case, the odds of bookmakers are quite high, as they are given on the exact score 0:2 or 2:0. You should also remember that you should have a certain amount of confidence when choosing a match. 

A bet on the player who is in last place in terms of scoring (underdog) in a particular tournament. It does not have special statistics, so you yourself need to follow the development of the game and choose the one who will show it more worthy, for a certain period of time.

It is important to remember that when choosing a particular type of strategy, there will not be options that can lose. The main thing is to determine and use the one that will bring profit. Parimatch BK recommends not to take into account youth pair tournaments, little-known ones, exclude friendly matches completely. Only in this case you will have a chance to make a prediction about the results of future Parimatch badminton games with maximum accuracy.

First of all, you should decide on the financial badminton betting strategies on Parimatch. It does not differ in any way from those that exist in various kinds of sports disciplines. Such a strategy involves Parimatch badminton bonuses, which will be fixed, the bank will determine a special percentage, work the system of Fibonacci and Martingale. It will be useful to know the specifics of the game about ten players who are in all sorts of ranking tables. Keep a close eye on them throughout the season. Also watch live or recorded broadcasts, keep an eye on the status of the statistics. All these procedures will help in betting (betting on sports).

Drawing final conclusions, one can come to the conclusion that, badminton can be a financial sport for bettors. Such people should have the patience to follow all the inaccuracies and nuances of the game. It is noteworthy that badminton betting Parimatch can do both experienced and beginners.