It is tennis betting in the large list of events that occupies one of the leading places in Parimatch Live mode, and it should be noted that this role is well deserved. All sports betting is available at the Parimatch bookmaker’s office – tennis is one of them. For example, if we always see football in the first place, it is tennis that comes next. Football in terms of popularity practically goes ahead without competitors and alternatives. Big tennis is characterized by a large number of tournaments that are being renewed constantly. The average tournament lasts one week unless weather conditions intervene. There are also tournaments that involve five-set matches. Parimatch also offers table tennis betting.

How to bet on tennis

A table tennis betting strategy involves a step-by-step algorithm. Initially, you must register – BK Parimatch offers this to any user who is at least 18 years old and can verify their identity documentarily by sending a passport photo. Open any tournament from the betting line-up – the menu is located on the left side. Unlike snooker or less popular disciplines, the online tennis betting line-up is very busy. Before you start betting on someone, you can check out the stats. There will also be data available on head-to-head encounters or the results of recent meetings. Parimatch gives you the chance to bet on tournaments and competitions:

  • Grand Slam;
  • Masters;
  • ATP tournaments;
  • Challengers and Futures!

Tennis Betting Strategy

So, be sure to pay attention to tennis betting predictions, in particular tennis betting by professionals. Let’s look at five-set matches as an example. This is due to the fact that a tennis player is awarded victory only after winning three sets in a match. This can be a score of 3-2. But in this case, the last fifth set at 6-6 is played without a tiebreaker. You have to be prepared for the game to go on until one of the competitors wins the match by a margin of two games. It’s easy to assume that the final score could be 16-14, 18-16 and so on. The history of tennis knows many examples when tennis players fought to the death, and meetings lasted for five or six hours, continuing the next day. This should be taken into account when betting on tennis live.

So, if you want to bet on total less and you are attracted to this type of betting, don’t be too quick to flatter yourself if you see a total of 40.5 or a close figure being offered. The strategy for betting on tennis in play is that if you play a too obvious favorite, who has a great serve, and an underdog, you may be more likely to opt for a minus handicap. If you have already registered and entered all the required details on the Parimatch website, you can choose to make a deposit in order to place the best tennis bets.

Tennis betting in Parimatch casino

PariMatch betting office – the best tennis betting for you

What are the peculiarities of online tennis betting

Many punters prefer to place live bets, as they can adjust the starting odds considerably. If the game has already started, the first point has been played, it is likely that the starting odds can be changed by one-tenth. If a player breaks, i.e. take someone else’s serve, the odds will drop drastically. This is especially true for men.

Betting on tournaments

If you choose to bet on tournaments on clay courts, the importance of the serve will decrease. In particular, there are some tennis players who prefer this type of surface exclusively. For instance, if we’re talking about clay, Spaniard Rafael Nadal is a classic. Every year he’s given us phenomenal results, winning every possible Grand Prix tournament on clay.

How to win on tennis betting in a catch-up

It should be noted that betting on sports based on the system of the overtake is very popular. It is also called more officially the Martingale methodology. It will be no secret that in tennis, as in any other sport, it is impossible to guess everything all the time. But the task of a successful trader is his ability to build a strategy that will ensure steady and constant growth of the bank. The Martingale methodology is based on the fact that after making a bad bet, you should choose the next one and pick up the amount so that it is enough to win back the previous loss. It is quite possible and realistic to do so.

Total, Outcome or Handicap

You can choose between the total, the base, the outcome or the handicap. You can use pretty much anything that the line has to offer for this tactic. Live betting is even more convenient. But generally speaking, there are very few of these grass-court championships during the calendar year. These include some ATP tournaments in the run-up to Wimbledon, and that famous Grand Slam tournament in England, which attracts the world’s best players.

Cricket betting on the full version of Parimatch offers a wide range of bets on the most exclusive sporting events. The sport is popular in England, India, Africa and Australia, but cricket is played all over the world. With Parimatch’s state of the art betting on cricket, you can bet on cricket for the ultimate online betting experience.

Main features of cricket betting at Parimatch bookmaker’s office

If you want to bet on sports and get real monetary profit, first understand the peculiarities of the game and PariMatch cricket rules. You should also know what an over in PariMatch cricket is. There are many different types of outcomes in the sweepstakes offering to make suitable PariMatch cricket predictions. Here are the main features of cricket contracts at PariMatch bookmaker:

  • Selection of the preliminary winner in international tournaments;
  • predictions on the passage of the team to a particular stage of the competition;
  • High odds win outcomes, how to calculate PariMatch cricket scores;
  • Asian handicap handicaps in Live;
  • Individual and total totals – who wins in cricket – PariMatch.

How to Bet on Cricket at PariMatch

Any sports betting is open after registering on the official betting website. PariMatch gives you the opportunity to get a welcome bonus that can be turned into real income at the next match. To start earning, all you need to do is make a deposit and select the appropriate odds next to the desired outcome. You can use single bets, multi bets and systems. There is nothing complicated about ‘how to bet on cricket’, so beginners will be able to work it out quickly without any extra help.

Cricket betting

Play online PariMatch – play anytime, anywhere!

Correct analysis of events to win at Parimatch

In order to make a big cash profit, you need to carefully analyze the statistics. How to understand who wins in cricket PariMatch – by gathering the available information, you can make a cricket bet with the aim of winning times more. England and India are widely regarded as the favorites and as such, the odds aren’t necessarily that great. But in an express bet, they’ll win more money because all the odds are multiplied. Also bear in mind that the matches take up to 5 days to play, so patience is needed.

Any game (even PariMatch cricket draws) can significantly increase your profits, so you need to be focused on your analysis. You should also consider the location of the match because the home team always plays with the support of the stands, which boosts the morale of the players and influences the game.

Before you make a PariMatch cricket and croquet prediction be sure to study the rules and watch a few games. Any information can be converted into real income, so your choice should be based on analytics and intuitive decisions. The favorites don’t always win by giving the result to weaker teams. Passing high odds at Parimatch will greatly improve your financial well-being.

Parimatch Sports betting. Main outcomes. In hockey, like in most other sports, there are three main outcomes: P1 (first team win), P2 (second team win), and X (draw). The main outcomes usually have the lowest margin and the highest betting limits. There are also two other types of bet called double outcome or double chance. One of them is called “1X” or “X2”: it means the selected team will not lose in regulation time. A 12 in hockey means there is no draw at a regular time. Bookmaker Parimatch – sports betting in India.

Hockey betting: types

Handicap: Consider what a handicap is in hockey betting. As in other sports, this is a certain handicap of one of the teams you can bet on in world cup hockey betting. For instance, if you bet on a -1.5 handicap you should make sure that your team wins with a margin of at least two pucks. With a handicap of +1.5 you are betting that the selected team will not lose by more than one goal difference. Important: if the handicap is represented as a fraction (half handicap), such a bet cannot imply a return: it will either lose or win.

This kind of bet on a hockey match can have not only a “half”, but also a whole numerical value, so you need to understand what is a handicap +1 or -1 in hockey. The difference to a “fractional” handicap is simple: a whole handicap will mean that the bet can be calculated not only by winning or losing but also by a return. So, if you want to bet on hockey -1 of the first team, and the match ended with a score of 4-3, the bet just “hit” the value of the handicap: in this case, the betting amount is simply refunded by the bookmaker. Some bookmakers, who accept hockey bets, allow to add another half puck to the handicap with a 40% loss in odds: this helps the player to reassure himself.

Also in hockey betting, there is the “handicap 0” option: this bet is also on a particular team and will be refunded by the bookmaker in case of a draw.

Hockey betting

The best hockey betting PariMatch – a good choice for all players

Betting strategy for hockey

Total is the total number of goals scored in a match. You are offered a certain value (not a whole value in most cases, such as in NHL hockey betting), and you have to guess whether the teams will score more or less than the specified number of pucks per match. Often more than one total is offered for a single match. As in the case of handicaps, a number of betting houses allow you to add half a puck to the total.

Other bets. Bets in hockey can be very different. Depending on the attitude of the betting establishment to hockey, hockey line can both be limited to the four above offers, and include up to two to three dozen additional positions, including bet on the team that will score the first goal, individual totals for each of the teams and all leading players, the first goal time, number of penalties in the match and much, much more. This is especially true for World Cup hockey betting odds.

Pre-match analysis

The strategy of betting on hockey depends largely on the analysis that the bettor has conducted before the game. Pre-match analysis for hockey matches is similar to that for basketball. The thing is that the two sports have a lot in common in terms of organisation: each team plays 2 or 3 games a week, the number of important players is also limited to two dozen and home court advantage is extremely important and should be taken into account in analysing pre-match layouts.

Just like basketball hockey has one big disadvantage. Especially in European competitions. Most games of major continental championships can only be seen on national channels, which does not help to popularize this sport across Europe.

The current form of the opponents. Despite the fact that hockey (except hockey betting) is most often played by three fives, and it would seem that in this case the slumps are not so noticeable, you can not miss this essential element of pre-match analysis from your attention. Pay special attention to the last four or five matches. Also, do not forget that a team’s home and away games are a huge difference, so before betting, analyse the results of these matches separately, taking into account which of the opponents in the reported match is playing at home and which is playing away.

The history of the head-to-head confrontations in championship hockey betting. Although many people neglect the match history and focus their attention on other indicators, this statistical analysis is one of the key elements in a tactically complex sport like hockey. The playing models of the teams are often incompatible, and one of the opponents in the pair feels very uncomfortable, which leads to a series of results. As a result, one team is an uncomfortable opponent for the other, and no league table, no recent matches will give

Boxing is considered to be one of the oldest sports. As far back as the ancient Greeks’ fistfights were practiced, which can be considered the forerunners of boxing bets today. Professional boxing has been practiced since 1867, when the first rules of boxing were published in London. Much time has passed since then, but the basic principles of boxing betting have remained unchanged. The center of boxing in the world today is considered to be America. They know how to present boxing as a real show. The majority of boxing boxing boxing fights take place in the USA, and boxing bets are much higher than in Europe. Though boxing is becoming more popular and the best athletes are not Americans, but Ukrainian Klitschko brothers.

Boxing betting

Online betting in PariMatch – play and win!

The history of sports betting on boxing is as long as the sport itself. Even in ancient times people made simple boxing bets on the victory of one of the fighters. Of course, the industry has gone a long way since then, but the desire to bet on your favorite fighter is still with us.

Boxing today does not have a single main center. The sphere of influence has dispersed into 4 different boxing associations and each one holds many fights in different weight classes under its own umbrella. The heavyweight fights attract the most viewer interest, as, in fact, the winners of these are considered to be the best boxers on earth, and betting on boxing online is gaining more and more popularity. The following is a list of boxing associations:

  • International Boxing Federation (IBF).
  • World Boxing Association (WBA).
  • World Boxing Organization (WBO).
  • World Boxing Council (WBC).

Boxing is a contact sport, which is single combat with participants hitting each other with their fists wearing special gloves. A fight lasts between 3 and 12 rounds and is controlled by the referee. The aim of boxing is for an opponent to get hurt so that they cannot continue to fight or to fall down if they are unable to get to their feet within 10 seconds.

Modern bookmaker betting on boxing is a unique opportunity to enjoy the spectacle of the fight while gaining a substantial material return. A lot of bookmakers offer their customers a chance to bet on boxing matches, and Parimatch is one of them. Our company offers to make bets on the most important sport events in the world of boxing, the grandeur and spectacularity of which will not leave anyone indifferent. In 2014 we have something to please our customers.


It is boxing that can be classed as one of the most unpredictable sporting events and it is impossible to make a boxing betting prediction. When a star competitor and a little known boxer meet, most punters prefer the well-known boxer, underestimating his not so well known rival. However, apart from the fact that boxing betting odds on an unknown boxer are often inflated, the likelihood of his unexpected victory allows experienced bettors to discover a “gold mine” in boxing betting.

Professional boxing bets - the main criteria for succes

Boxing betting in online betting office PariMatch

The online boxing betting odds from PariMatch include the following list to bet on boxing:

  • Win. Bets are placed on one boxer’s victory, including any of its types.
  • A win on points. Only a win by judges’ decision at the end of all boxing rounds is included.
  • An early win. Bets on any kind of victory, excluding a win on points.
  • Tie. A bet on a tie for each contestant at the end of all rounds of the fight.
  • Duration of a fight. This type of betting offers a prediction of how many rounds the future game will be played, as well as which round the fight will end in.

Becoming a true expert in the field of betting and knowing how to bet on boxing is not easy, but the game is really worth the effort – the positive results in the form of huge victories can pay off all your hard work. In addition, do not forget about the pleasure of watching the boxing matches – the intrigue, excitement, adrenaline, and just enjoy the spectacle of the fight between two strong contenders are guaranteed.

UFC betting has a special place at the Parimatch bookmaker’s office. The company is the official betting partner of the leading mixed martial arts organisation. In addition, one of the most famous and best fighters of today – Conor McGregor – became the ambassador of the brand.

To understand the company’s attitude towards the promotion, one only has to look at the line. On the left side, the sports are initially sorted by popularity. UFC events are put in a separate line and are second only to football, tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball and cybersports. Also on-site, they have implemented a UFC News section, where fans of UFC fights can learn the news, check ratings of fighters and see the UFC schedule. Also available statistics, parameters of opponents and voting results of the players.

Ufc betting

PariMatch online – play UFC betting and win!

Parimatch bookmaker offers users from all over the world and other countries favorable conditions for betting on UFC. This betting direction is highly popular. A lot of players wonder where to bet on UFC? Having recently appeared in sports betting lines, predicting MMA duels has quickly gained the fans and ratings are close to volleyball and basketball matches. Let’s look at what features characterise this type of online betting and why UFC fight betting Parimatch is the best choice for sports betting fans.

Advantages of betting on UFC 229 at Parimatch bookmaker’s office

Betting on UFC online is quite promising for those wishing to win money consistently. This is especially true for Parimatch users, who are offered the best conditions. By registering on the bookmaker’s website, bettors from all over the world and get the following opportunities:

  • Bonuses and promotions allowing customers to earn more by betting on MMA. If you follow the link to the promotions and bonuses page, you’ll see a wide range of prizes, by taking part in which you’ll have the chance to get a solid reward – and that’s what UFC sports betting gives you.
  • We offer a mobile version and app, so you can play using IOS or Android;
  • instant deposits and fast payouts in somoni or other currencies;
  • video broadcasts of fights involving the best fighters!

In addition, Parimatch clients are offered a large list of MMA events in the betting line-up. Many octagonal cage events are available for online betting. Also of note are the high chances of users to win big winnings due to the high odds in the UFC sweepstakes, where UFC betting odds are high.

UFC betting

Ultimate Fighting Championship 249

Features of the mixed martial arts sweepstakes at Parimatch

Bets on mixed martial arts offered by bookmakers Parimatch include traditional and special types. The first category includes outcomes with the choice of one of the fighters winning and totals by points and rounds. As far as special betting services from bookmakers are concerned, the MMA spread includes the widest selection of positions.

These include the outcome of each round, wins by knockout and technical knockout, the total number of knockdowns, disqualification of one of the fighters, the number of accurate punches and other options. Sometimes there are even curiosities in the line, where UFC betting is offered to predict if one of the fighters will throw the gauntlet at his opponent.

Parimatch Live: what players need to know about the Ultimate Fighting Championship event line and how to bet on UFC?

Betting on the UFC is particularly popular in live betting. In this format of betting, it is possible to monitor the physical condition of the fighters during the fight and apply a catch-up strategy. Besides, Parimatch online position line offers a wide range of events in the MMA category. Therefore, users often manage to find forks and provide themselves with win-win forecasts. Overall, the official website of the BK Kontoria is optimally suited for live and pre-match betting on UFC events. Having spent only 1-2 minutes for registration, you can ensure a stable and high profit – UFC betting odds are high, so it is always profitable.

Parimatch bookmaker. Mixed martial arts, or MMA, betting on mma is a men’s favourite sports betting. The appeal of it lies in the fact that it often brings together fighters of different levels and styles in the ring. Certainly there is a big spectator interest in the USA and European countries, but for all that, every bookmaker’s office accepts bets on this dynamic sport. MMA has its own rules and peculiarities that are worth to know about when placing a bet on MMA ufc.

MMA betting

Best suggestions from PariMatch

Let us tell you about them in details. A little history of MMA

The origins of MMA can be traced back to Pankration, which was first held in Ancient Greece. At the end of the 19th century in England appeared the art of Bartitsu, which was a mix of Asian and European trends. At the beginning of the 20th century the sport emerged in Brazil, when jiu-jitsu athletes challenged fighters from other disciplines. This was the impetus for the creation of mixed martial arts. In the 70s, Japan hosted a similar competition, with Muhammad Ali making an appearance. Already in the 90’s, major tournaments appeared in the United States, Japan and elsewhere in the world. In 1938, a domestic analogue of MMA – Sambo – appeared, and now almost every one of us can place a bet on MMA.

And here the bets on the sport of MMA on the victory are somewhat:

  • On winning. Betting on MMA fights, where it is necessary to determine who will win the fight. And it does not matter in what way the victory will be obtained.
  • On winning a round. Many bookmakers offer to bet on a winner of one of the competitors in a certain round.
  • On an early victory. Online betting on MMA implies the disqualification of a fighter. For example, a knockout, a painful hold, a technical defeat, and so on. We should note right away that a victory at the end of time does not count.
  • On the exact outcome. To make a bet on MMA you have to guess not only who will win, but the way of winning: knockout, judges’ decision, decision to surrender, etc.
  • On the duration of the fight. Bookmakers offer to bet on the total number of rounds, or on the rounds that are completely over. Some bookmakers simply offer a bet saying “All rounds played? Yes:No”. You may also find bets on even/odd winning rounds, a group of rounds to be won and so on.

How to bet on fights correctly

We wrote above that no-holds-barred fights have their peculiarities and before you make a bet, you should know not only the rules of the game, but also be able to correctly assess the fighters. And don’t think that the BK made a mistake somewhere and chose the wrong odds, every quote has its own rationale.

Parimatch online casino - your best choice

Play PariMatch online – fired up to win!


The bettor should immediately determine which organization hosts the fights on which he is going to bet, because each of them has its own features and rules. In European and Asian tournaments, for example, fighters have a bit more freedom than in the US. Today, there are several big MMA organizations in the world: UFC.

The biggest and strongest MMA organization. Rounds last 5 minutes. In title titles there are 5 rounds, in non-title titles 3 rounds. There is a one minute break between rounds. All UFC fights take place in a fenced octagon. Athletes must wear shorts, no shoes and a T-shirt. Bellator’s ten-point scoring system is used. Representing the world’s second largest organization. The number of rounds for title fights is 5, for non-title fights 3. There are 5 rounds of 5 minutes each, with a one minute break in between. Bouting takes place in a round robin and is defined – what is the total in mma betting.


Of course to bet at random is illogical. First and foremost, in MMA you need to assess the fighter himself, before betting on sports online mma. In mixed martial arts there are several weight classes, hence there is such a thing as “making weight”. This means that it is necessary to approach the fight with the right weight for the category. This is an important point when analysing the fight to come.

If, for example, a lighter fighter moves up a category in a couple of months, it is dangerous to bet on him, because his opponent has been working at his weight for a long time and he understands his opponent’s punching power. A newcomer, on the other hand, might just get lost in the ring. It is also important to pay attention to such indicators as height and arm span. Obviously, an athlete with punching technique is easier to fight against a fighter with smaller wingspan. The same goes for height. A taller athlete should not fight on the ground. Undoubtedly there are many subtleties in MMA, and for a proper analysis, it is worth to study them and only then can bet on MMA official website.

Volleyball Betting

Sports betting – Volleyball. No single volleyball betting strategy is win-win. But there are tactics that can greatly minimise the risks when you are betting on volleyball. In this article, we will discuss the most popular techniques used by beginners and professionals, which include beach volleyball betting. In volleyball, all the basic strategies are used: overtaking, forks, corridors, etc. Parimatch bookmaker.


Catching up is a particularly popular strategy among professional bettors. A big pot allowing 10-15 betting iterations (rounds) is a must. The idea of the overtake is to regularly increase the betting amount until the betting slip is successful. The task of the bettor is to calculate the amount so that the final victory will compensate for the money previously lost and bring profit, so there is a strategy for betting on volleyball. Online calculators can be helpful in calculating the best betting odds for each round with different odds. You will find volleyball in-play betting on the internet freely available. The player only needs to enter the initial data:

Betting with Pari Match

Virtual Sports on Pari Match

  • the money lost in the previous rounds;
  • the odds for the next bet;
  • the amount you want to win in the end.

Players should systematically catch up with one outcome. For example, a win for a particular team. It is possible to catch up with classic ordinaries on different outcomes. There are plenty of options:

  • Catch-up on the favorite.
  • On the outsider.
  • On the total.
  • On a handicap.
  • On a player’s stats.

Search for Forks

This strategy belongs to the category of win-win betting predictions on volleyball. A fork is not even a strategy, but a search for misalignments in BC lines. The essence of the technique is that BKs offer different odds on the same event. Because of the skewed odds, the bettor has the opportunity to bet on the same event in different studios, obtaining a guaranteed profit.

It is quite difficult to find a fork in a betting shop’s line-up on your own. There are many different programs on the internet that monitor bookmakers’ quotations and identify the jacks for win-win volleyball bets.


Volleyball is an ideal sport for this technique. To play successfully with this in-play volleyball betting strategy, you need to register and fund your accounts at 7-10 betting shops. Find the betting shops that put up different variants of the total. According to statistics, in order to make money with this volleyball strategy, you need to hit the lineout once in 7-8 attempts. There are many programs on the internet that allow you to find good lineouts. If you are going to play with this strategy for a long time, it is better to give preference to paid platforms.

Features of volleyball betting

A team must win three games (sets) to win the match. Each set is played to 25 points. If the opponents have a total of 24 points, the match continues until one team has a two-point advantage. It can end 30-28 or 42-40. In volleyball bettors need to pay attention to general patterns. This will help them make better analyses of events. There are quite a few patterns, so we’ll only list the most common ones:

Stars of Pari Match

Stars of Pari Match

  • Men’s volleyball is more predictable than women’s volleyball. Sensations rarely occur in it. If you play the strategy against the favorite, it is better to use it in women’s competition.
  • The team that wins 2-0 in sets wins 98% of the time in men’s volleyball.
  • The outsiders put the emphasis on starting the championship. They try to score more points while the leaders are recovering from the physical exertions of training camp.
  • The favorites almost always win their first and last home matches of the season.
  • In some countries the fans are very supportive, e.g. volleyball India betting, which allows them to win much more often.
  • The favorites often only put the main squad out in the second game.
  • Many coaches experiment with the line-up if their team wins 2-0 in sets.
  • After tough matches in other tournaments favorites usually lose in national championships.


We’ve looked at a few popular volleyball betting strategies today. Determine for yourself the most optimal technique. Start playing with virtual money. Once you have mastered the basics, move on to real money.

Billiard Betting

Thanks to the media, television and Internet resources, billiards has long since emerged from the chamberliness of clubs. In recent years, its popularity as betting and elegant sport betting has been steadily growing. Billiard tournaments gather thousands of fans in front of the screens. Of course, this situation has not passed by the attention of Parimatch – the most popular bookmaker in the region. Today the company accepts billiards bets, knowing exactly how interesting they are to players.

Types of billiards

Strictly speaking, “billiards” is a generalized name for several varieties of the game. In the modern world, its variations are the most popular:

  • snooker;
  • pool (American billiards);
  • English;
  • Russian;
  • Karambol (French).

Most of the billiards bets in the Parimatch bookmaker’s office are on snooker. This game is considered to be the most intellectual, the victory here – does not depend on chance, only on the exact calculation and skills of the participants. Betting on snooker is exciting and profitable, but first, you need to understand its principles and rules.

Billiard Betting

Bet on Billiard with Pari Match

Snooker Ground Rules:

The player who scores the most points by pocketing the coloured balls wins.
Each colour has a certain number of points:

  • red – 1;
  • yellow – 2;
  • green – 3;
  • brown – 4;
  • blue 5;
  • pink 6; black 7; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6.
  • black – 7.

A player cannot score two red balls in a row, they must alternate with other colours. The right to first strike is drawn by lot. An odd number of draws (frames) are played. At some point it becomes obvious that one of the players has scored so many points that the other cannot reach him. As we see, sportsmen have to think over their tactics, choose the balls of a certain colour and calculate their actions, which makes snooker akin to chess.

Types of billiard championships

In 2020 billiards had all the chances to become an Olympic sport, but the decision was postponed for the next year. The likelihood of snooker, carambole and pool is included in the Olympic Games is still high. While bettors wait for the opportunity to bet on billiards as part of the Olympic events, there is a need to practice on other championships:

  • International and national championships;
  • World and regional cups;
  • Championships among certain groups of athletes: professionals, veterans, girls, boys, etc.

A large number of snooker competitions are held in the world each year. Many of them are broadcast live. As far as players are concerned, the 2019 World Snooker Championship went to Judd Trump for gold. The second finalist three years in a row was John Higgins. The speed record was held by Ronnie O’Sullivan, who managed to score 145 points in 5 min 20 sec. World championships for other games (pool, carambole, Russian billiards) are held irregularly.

Types and features of billiards betting

The bookmaker’s pool betting line includes many interesting options for the bettor. There are such options to bet on snooker online:

  • winner of the game;
  • individual total of athletes (total points);
  • exact score frame;
  • handicap;
  • Outcome, total, handicap in the same draw;
  • additional drawing.

Within the limits of bets on additional drawing it is possible to choose, for example, which of the players will form the 100-point series first, which colour ball will be scored first, how many 100-point series will be, etc.

Billiards betting – pre-match analytics

For billiards in general and for snooker in particular, pre-match analytics should take into account the following indicators

  • An athlete’s rating;
  • his performance level;
  • The psychological state at the time of the competition;
  • the motivation and mood to win;
  • the results of the player’s previous competitions.

The physical condition of billiard players is not particularly important. Their game is also not affected by weather conditions, types of cover. The skills of snooker masters improve with experience, which is indirectly reflected in their rating. So before you make a Russian billiards bet on a particular player, find out his place in the rankings. As we have already written, experience decides almost everything in snooker. But even the most experienced athlete can “break” at a crucial moment under the pressure of stress, some circumstances of his personal life, etc. A bad attitude or lack of motivation may also lead to a loss. How can the bettor take these influences into account? If you have decided to bet on snooker, it is a good idea to keep up with the news around the tournament and the personalities of the athletes.

Pari Match

ParimatchSport betting. Baseball is a team game with a baseball and a bat. There are two teams, each with 9 players. Baseball is most popular in the United States, Cuba, Venezuela, Japan, China, and South Korea. The first reference to a game similar to modern baseball was a French manuscript dating back to 1344, which contained an illustration of priests playing a game very similar to baseball. Today, the basic rules and objectives of the game of baseball are as follows:

  • the aim is to score more points and runs than the opposing team;
  • a point is scored if the offensive player runs all the bases in turn.
Baseball Betting

Bet on Baseball with Pari Match

How do I bet on baseball? The basis of baseball is a face-off between the pitcher (the player of the defending team) and the batter (the player of the attacking team). The pitcher has to pitch the ball in a way that makes it harder for the batter to hit the ball, while the batter has to determine the ball’s trajectory in a second and strike the bat accurately, sending the ball as far into the field as possible.

Parimatch Match accepts several types of baseball betting, such as clean or handicap bets, and offers the best odds. Baseball betting online is the best place for baseball betting customers who know their way around baseball to make the best baseball bets and baseball betting strategies.

Baseball betting tips

Baseball is not as popular as football or hockey with domestic sports fans. This is largely due to the fact that there are almost no baseball matches televised in this country. But frequent bettors often bet on baseball and on such an “outlandish” kind of sport. The explanation is simple: the more different sports you know, the wider the range of bets and therefore the more interesting you are to play.

Generally, the greatest proportion of all bets is placed on the world’s strongest baseball league, the MLB. An evenly matched field produces an uncompromising and unpredictable line-up. Predicting a winner is difficult, and often the strongest team always loses to the underdog. So the question arises – how to bet on baseball? Bookmaker’s office Paris-Match accepts the following bets on baseball – baseball betting tips:

  • “A clean win for the team or a win for the team with handicaps. In such bets, a draw means a refund. It may happen that teams may play two matches on the same day. In this case the final result for the bookmaker is decided by the first match.
  • Be careful with today’s baseball betting on the team’s victory with a handicap. Often the difference in odds between a clean win and a handicap win is small. A handicap in baseball is always equal to 1.5 points. Statistically speaking, one out of every four wins by a favorite over an underdog is by a margin of just one point. Decide for yourself whether the odds on handicap are worth the risk, or whether a clean slate baseball bet will just decide everything.
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The outcome of the first five innings. Only complete innings are counted. If the game is postponed or interrupted for any reason, the team leading after the last full inning is the winner. If the game is interrupted by a draw, the betting odds are “1”. Total. A bet involving totals is paid by the bookmaker only after 9 innings or more. If only 8 innings or less are played in the game, the bet is settled with odds “1”. When betting on baseball, bookmaker Pari-Match recommends paying attention to the following rules and tips:

  1. Study the rules of baseball carefully. Without knowing the basics it is very problematic to make successful bets.
  2. keep a close eye on the news. Often even a week’s worth of knowledge is no guarantee for a good bet. In sports, everything changes instantly, and baseball is no exception.
  3. also, betting on baseball strategy tips on the favorite is not always justified. First of all the odds on favorites are traditionally small and second, favorites do not always win. They do not always get away with bad luck or unfortunate misfires.

PariMatch Bookmaker hopes our tips and tricks will help you make your baseball bets more profitable. Good luck with the game!

Bet on American football

American football is a contact sport which is a ball game with an oval-shaped ball. There are two teams of 11 players each and the contest takes place on a rectangular field with special goals at both ends of the court. The main aim of the game is to win possession of the ball and push it into the scoring area, either by passing or carrying it. The team with the most points wins the competition. The popularity of American football in the sport’s betting home country is reaching unbelievable proportions. American football betting is the biggest moneymaker, with the annual turnover reaching over 10 billion dollars by 2014. Therefore, it’s easy to assume that this betting market could become a goldmine for professional bettors, who are true American football fans. Parimatch betting in India.

American football is hugely popular in America, being the undisputed number 1 sport there with an annual turnover of $10 billion. This forceful, dynamic, attacking game has 800 million fans around the world. American football is played in 40 countries across 5 continents.

American football

American football betting

American football betting at Betting PariMatch

Paris-Match bookmaker’s office takes American football bets on the American National League (NFL). It has 32 teams, which are split into the American and National Conferences. Each of these leagues is split into four divisions – North, South, West and East – in which four teams each play.

In American football there are 11 players on the pitch at a time. The number of substitutions is not limited, so a maximum of 53 players can be substituted per match. As a rule, American football employs the tactic of forming separate teams of players for defense and offense. Therefore there is a defensive coach and an offensive coach as well as the head coach on the sidelines.

The main and most important player in American football is the quarterback. He is the “brain” of the team, successfully directing the actions of teammates. Betting on American football, bookmaker Pari-Match recommends assessing the chances of winning one of the opposing teams on the basis of the physical condition of this player. The absence of a quarterback can drastically change the balance of power on the field, respectively, reducing the likelihood of a positive outcome for the team where he is absent – in this case, in American football, refuse to bet.

American football

American football — Fired to Win

American football betting terms and rules

Betting company Pari-Match accepts bets on American football on the following results and is available for lucky bettors on American football betting strategy:

  1. A clean win. In this bet you will have to predict the winner of the match. Bets on a clean win are accepted taking into account the time of overtime unless otherwise indicated in the line.
  2. Winning with handicaps. The advantage (handicap) is given to the weaker team in this bet. In this kind of bet you have to decide the winner taking into consideration the goal advantage. If the handicap is hit, the bet is settled with odds of “1”. Betting on a handicap win is accepted taking into account overtime time unless otherwise stated in the line.
  3. Betting on the total. The total is the total number of points scored by the teams in a match. Here you have to guess the result of the game, depending on the value of the total. If the result of the match equals the total, the bet will be settled as ‘1’.

If the match is not played on the declared day for any reason, the Pari-Match bookmaker will refund bets. BK Pari-Match sincerely hopes that all your bets on American football will be winning. Have a good game!

Sports Betting

eSports, especially on Parimatch, is a thrilling experience. The detailed animation, offensive, defensive and realistic nature of what’s happening fuels the excitement. Betting on sports should be done believing in success, knowing the specifics of the eSports discipline and without emotion. In eSports cs betting everything that is not prohibited by the rules of betting Parimatch: strategies, own logic, intuition, tips from the outside, predictions and other factors are allowed.

What strategies will work for a sport such as eSports cs go betting at the Parimatch bookmaker’s office? Flat (allocate the same amount of money to bet until the player wins or loses the whole amount of the bank originally planned) or Martingale (a catch-up, when betting is a certain percentage of the bank, such as 5-8%, regardless of whether the coupon is winning or not) do not always work. At betting on eSports Dota, it is difficult to calculate how gamers on the other side of the net will behave. Live battles are often played by bots, that is, a computer program. It is necessary to bet by analyzing the current situation on the map or field, the court. However, there are other strategic options.


A player makes two bets on the same eSports battle, but on opposite results. As the bookmaker Parimatch disapproves of the forks, players bet at different bookmakers’ offices. For example, betting on eSports Dota 2 on the winner of P1, in another betting bank on the same game, but on the winner of P2. The closer the odds are, the more the player will win. There will definitely be no total loss in eSportss overwatch betting.

Betting on eSportss ks, that is, taking into account the available arsenal. Worthy of consideration are all factors: which tournament Parimatch offers, which gamers made the team, how strong the team is, which card played, which characters the gamers have, with what abilities, characteristics. The strategy works best when betting on eSports with money on the Parimatch website. The more experienced the gamers, the stronger the team.

eSports Betting

eSports Betting — Pari Match

Cyber Go betting

From time to time, BK Parimatch has new battles with overpriced eSports betting odds. The reason is not the generosity of bookmaker Parimatch, but its lack of a team of professional eSports analysts. If you spot them in time and place a bet, you can get a solid win in eSports betting online.

Judging by the reviews of players on thematic forums, blogs, strategies can be used successfully, only holding back emotions. The following tips will also be useful in determining the right bet on eSports in BK Parimatch:

The status of the battle

ESports has long moved from being an amateur sport to a competitive one. Tournaments with valuable or cash prizes are held. The higher the category of the competition and the prize pool, the more gamers put up. It is important to keep this in mind when making predictions about cyber-sports bets, as teams are more determined to win in important tournaments than in training tournaments.

Team chemistry. A team is only as strong as the gamers on it if they play as a team. If every single one of them wants to show off, they won’t play well. Find out if the team has played this kind of team before, and what the result was. Or how successful was the battle that the declared gamers took part in?

Real players or bots. The eSports featured in the Parimatch Lineup involve real gamers. Online games, especially cyber football, cyber basketball, cyber tennis, cyber hockey, are computer algorithms. That is, a program is prepared in advance, which does not change during the competition, the course of the game is not affected by the size of the bets, their number or the popularity of the battle. There are favorites who are better equipped, better prepared, certain parts of the map or the field better protected. You can find this out by watching the game on the video stream and analysing the play. For the games in the Lineup section of Bet Parimatch you should prepare theoretically: team composition, gamers’ uniforms, information in blogs and forums, news, press.

Innovations. Disciplines in eSports are undergoing changes – new characters, abilities, tools and locations are appearing as the old ones have become obsolete or depleted. They can affect the outcome of a battle.
Gamers. Look for information about the participants of the battle: experience, experience in the game, age, game statistics and performance, ability to play in a team, the gamer plays online games, that is from home, or in offline tournaments, that is on special platforms, in clubs, in the presence of real spectators.

Table tennis betting at the bookmaker’s office in Parimatch is very popular and the sport betting is always included in the in-play section. In addition to this section, you can bet on the Olympics, World Championships and even European Championships at the Parimatch bookmaker’s office.

And in-play table tennis betting is made for individual: men’s, women’s, doubles competitions and duels. Parimatch offers very high odds on many events, such as a win in one of the matches or sets. It happens that a table tennis match has started, but for any reason has not been finished, in this case all bets are not considered valid. Bets will only count if the match is fully played.

This sport is very unpredictable, but if you study the players well, the style of play, previous wins and more, you can make good money in just a few hours. Betting company Parimatch is a very honest institution and there can be no cheating. All bets that have played successfully are always paid out to the customers of the office.

Table tennis betting strategy: how to bet correctly Almost everyone has tried playing table tennis. Many still occasionally hold
Racket in hand. But there are not so many experts who follow professional ping pong tournaments, understand the peculiarities of the sport and are able to give proper advice.

Table Tennis Betting

Table Tennis — Sports Betting

As it happens Asian table tennis players dominate on the international scene in recent years. Chinese representatives (with some exceptions) win the most prestigious competitions. Therefore most of the profile resources are concentrated in Asia. Although now our bookmakers accept online betting on table tennis in-play strategy with a wide representation of local athletes.

If you’re not a ping pong betting expert, tools such as rankings, face-offs and results of recent matches, table tennis betting forum will help you assess the odds more or less objectively before the game starts.
The same inputs are used by the bookmakers, so the pre-match line-up is usually set correctly. Do not forget about the fact that in this sport you can get caught in a rigged game, this is not uncommon.

Table Tennis Live Betting Strategies

Let’s find out how to bet on table tennis. As the game progresses in live betting, lucrative offers with good odds can arise due to the incredible speed and momentum. It is therefore a smart decision in sports table tennis betting odds and the balance of power of the tennis players, to arm yourself with a strategy for betting as you go along and to act according to a preconceived plan.

Table tennis betting tactics

A bet on whether the inferior player wins the set: If, in a relatively even encounter at pre-match odds, one of the opponents has won the opening two sets, it makes sense to bet on your opponent winning the third set. The betting amount should be calculated in such a way that in case of loss in the third set it is possible to increase the betting amount for the fourth set and at the end of the match remain in the plus, thus “catching up” with the victory in one of the sets. Rarely in matches of seven games in a meeting of evenly matched opponents does one of the opponents win 4-0.

Betting on a losing favorite – table tennis betting tricks

A similar scenario can be used to bet on the favorite to win the second set if the underdog wins the first set. In this case it is necessary to calculate the odds for the victory of the favorite in the set, calculating the maximum amount of losses for possible “overtake” in the next set.

Since table tennis is played to 11 points, there is a higher chance of an even total in a set than in volleyball or badminton, where a set is played to 25 and 21 points respectively. It is enough for both players to score 9 points in a set for an even total to be played. So in a meeting of even opponents it is popular to ‘chase’ the even total in a set. In a meeting of evenly matched opponents, even totals are more likely than in a meeting between the clear favorite and the underdog.

Total and Handicap Strategy

Total and handicaps in live betting make sense when there is the maximum deviation from the pre-match pattern in the course of the game.

If one of the opponents has a sizeable lead in a meeting of equal players, it is more likely that the lead will be reduced than increased in table tennis betting online.

Parimatch bookmaker. Handball is a team sport with 7 players each, 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. The main aim of handball is to score the highest number of goals against the other team. The first references to a game that in any way resembled handball can be found in the writings of the Roman physician Galen and in Homer’s “The Odyssey”. The official founder of handball is considered to be Danish track and field athlete, swordsman and marksman Holger Nielsen, who created it for women’s groups and named the game “handball” in 1898. The first international game was played in 1925, and a year later handball was also developed in other European countries. In 1936, handball was included in the Olympic Games program. The International Handball Federation, which was established in 1946, was the most powerful “push” in the development of handball. At first, teams were playing 11×11, but after 1966 the rules were changed to 7×7.

Handball betting is very popular today. Among the standard handball bets the most popular ones are handball betting on wins and draws, handball handicaps, total game totals etc.

Particularly popular are live bets on handball and handball total bets. This is characterised by the fact that it is possible to get in touch with a particular situation in good time, which can bring some good ideas. There are some teams, for instance, that start out passive, and therefore the odds on them start to rise immediately, but their weak play at the beginning does not mean the team will not win.

If you learn the ins and outs beforehand, you can make a good profit by anticipating the high odds.
Handball betting is quite popular, as it is believed to offer great winning prospects. Handball bets offered by bookmakers are considered to be one of the most lucrative bets today. During the 2014 European Handball Championship, a German man managed to win 30 times his salary by betting online at one of the betting shops. Therefore, the odds for this sport betting are very different from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Handball Betting

Handball Betting

Kinds of handball betting

Sports betting – handball is a team sport and betting on it is traditional for betting lines.

Handball betting strategies: how to bet correctly

Before you start betting on handball, take a closer look at the Champions League handball betting:

  • Handball rules
  • Betting rules for handball
  • Rules of handball tournaments
  • favorites, underdogs, outsiders

This is a standard set of things to understand when betting on any team sport, including handball.

Handball is an outwardly simple sport, but it has so many different nuances. Not all the intricacies of the game will be immediately clear. Just like in any other business, in handball betting success comes with the experience of the player. Therefore the first bets you place are either on the bookmakers’ demo account or for small amounts which you won’t mind losing if something goes wrong. These days, many bookmakers offer a handball betting bot.

Handball betting analytics and statistics BC

Until about 20 years ago it was difficult for handball fans to find any quality match statistics. The situation was even worse with analytics: true handball specialists were few. However, things have changed with the development of the open information era. You can find almost any kind of statistics on the internet now. It can be a single team, a tournament, a player’s stats, etc. The number of good handball analyses has increased.

Along with the flow of good information a stream of pseudo-analytical articles on the sport has appeared. Many of them describe some kind of their strategy for handball betting: it often happens that the authors-“analysts” do not even know all the rules of the game, and yet, give their advice.

You should keep in mind that a handball in-play betting strategy is similar to pre-match betting – you should know the rules, the rules of a handball tournament, the favorites and the underdogs, but you have to act faster because a decision may be made much quicker. So get all the information you have, analyze it, and filter it out. This will not guarantee a win in handball betting (or any other sport), but it will prevent you from knowingly losing a bet.


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