PariMatch payment methods

The international bookmaker Pari-Match started with the opening of several land-based betting shops in Ukraine. This was over two decades ago. The companies now trust their accounts to more than half a million players around the world. BC provides registered users with access to their personal account. But in order to start betting, you must first deposit funds into your account. Popular payment methods PariMatch are used for this.<br />The bookmaker offers its clients more than ten payment methods:

  • By card (Visa/Mastercard).
  • Mobile operators.
  • Electronic wallet (AdvCash, Bitcoin Cash).
  • Through the terminal.
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether TRC-20 and ERC-20.
  • Banking payment methods PariMatch.

To successfully register in Pari Match and start playing online, you need to follow these steps:

  • go to the site;
  • click the “Register” button located in the upper right corner;

indicate your mobile phone number, date of birth, full name, choose a currency and a password for your personal account, while remembering that after choosing a currency, it can no longer be changed.

To verify a gambler in a Parimatch casino for playing slot machines, the following is used:

  • Electronic signature.
  • Other PariMatch payment methods provided by law.

The administration of PM Casino accepts only high quality color photographs, which show the pages of documents in full. Images should be clear and labels should be legible.

How to deposit on Parimatch India?

The bookmaker predicted a lot of PariMatch payment methods India. You can replenish your account with all relevant payment methods, up to cryptocurrency wallets. When deciding how to replenish the balance on a match pair, the user himself chooses a convenient and profitable option for transferring funds to a game account.

Common payment options PariMatch:

  • Deposit and credit cards Visa, MasterCard.
  • Digital Wallets.
  • Mobile commerce.
  • Mobile payment systems Google Pay, Apple Pay
  • Stationary payment terminals.


Cryptocurrency: bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple.<br />The minimum and maximum replenishment amount is from 10 dollars or euros. The period during which the transaction takes place is from 1 minute to several days, depending on the method of transfer. There is no internal bookmaker commission. The size of the external commission depends on the operating conditions of the payment system. Regardless of the replenishment option, making a deposit is carried out via secure communication channels.

Parimatch guarantees the safety and reliability of financial transactions and the safety of customer funds. When entering the details of Visa, MasterCard bank cards and other personal information, make sure that you are on the official website of the bookmaker. In no case do not tell anyone the pin codes and passwords of your cards and other payment instruments. Parimatch does not ask for such information.

You can replenish the parimatch exclusively with the help of personal bank cards and wallets. This ensures the safety of cash transactions. Do not try to pay with other people’s cards. Keep receipts of payment systems when transferring funds to a bookmaker. They contain transfer numbers that you need to know in case of problems with the receipt of money.<br />Checks come via SMS, e-mail or are issued by the terminal in printed form. Do not remove or throw them away until the money is deposited. Following these recommendations will secure the better and his money. It will also help to quickly resolve the issue in case of delays or force majeure situations.

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What is the Minimum Deposit in Parimatch?

Have made several successful bets and want to withdraw your fair winnings? Well, there is very good news for you. On the

Parimatch website, this is very easy to do. One of the advantages of this bookmaker is not only a simple withdrawal algorithm, but also the efficiency of financial transactions.

You have to wait only when using a bank card. The reason may be delays from the bank, especially when it comes to weekends or holidays. But from the side of the bookmaker itself, serious problems have not been noticed. Of course, as elsewhere, there are excesses of local significance. But you can’t call this a large-scale concern.

The bookmaker has made sure that the withdrawal of funds can be carried out using all modern tools, so there should be no issues. Remember, an important point: it is worth withdrawing funds to the account from which you made the deposit. This means that it is better to deposit money from your own card, wallet, or phone. Otherwise, you may have concerns with the withdrawal, because the bookmaker prohibits the withdrawal of funds in favor of other persons, even if they are your close relatives.

When using electronic wallets, everything depends on the payment system: each operator sets its own limits. If you receive funds “on hand” in the Parimatch department, there is no limit. When using dollars, the bookmaker does not impose restrictions. No limits can be changed by the bookmaker without notice. For up-to-date information, go to the BC website, log in and visit the payment section. There you will find up-to-date information on each of the withdrawal methods.


How much is the commission when replenishing an account on Parimatch?

When replenishing the balance from the betting company, no internal commission is charged. It is possible only from the side of the payment platform, bank, mobile operator. It is better to check its availability in advance.

Is it possible to replenish the game account using Parimatch land-based points?

Yes, if they are located in your host country. This method is among the PariMatch pay payment options. The list of addresses is presented on the BC website at the bottom of the section on depositing and withdrawing funds. It is also possible to clarify the availability of the nearest points and addresses in the bookmaker’s support service.

Where do I go if my payment didn’t go through?

If the transferred money is not reflected on the account in your personal account, refresh the browser page – the data will be loaded. If this does not help, contact the support service of the bookmaker and the payment system through which the transfer was made. In the appeal, indicate the payment number indicated in the transfer receipt and the date of the transaction.

Is it possible to top up from someone else’s card?

No. You can top up a Parimatch only from the personal card of the account owner. The restriction allows you to secure the better’s personal information, exclude fraudulent transactions and unauthorized transfers.