Since the main action on the field is the struggle of the players for the ball, the individual skill of each player fades into the background. Teamwork comes first. The main category of Parimatch rugby league bettors are the British and Australians. They have a closer relationship with the sport and therefore understand it better. A beginner should not rush, but first you need to learn rugby, watch it, watch at least ten broadcasts, understand the essence and understand statistics well.

How to bet on rugby

If you have a desire to bet on rugby, you need to find the right bookmaker. Then you have to make sure that the office is legal. After that, start learning the sport and watching it.

Soon you will understand the essence and possible strategies of the game and learn how to place bets correctly in order to win. All resources are at your disposal. Thanks to them, you can learn all the subtleties of this sport.

Types of rugby bets

Basic bets: totals, how many points a rugby player will score, how many fouls a team will have, winning with a handicap, tries, cards, winner in one half, first scoring action in the match, Parimatch rugby betting on double chances, Parimatch rugby live betting on the correct score, first 10 points, first scoring action, special bets. As you already understood, in rugby there are both already known bets and new ones specially created for this sport.

Now let’s take a closer look at the game itself. In 15s and 7s rugby, a team receives five points for attempting an attack. Two points can be earned by successfully scoring a goal from a direct free kick, but after a try. A team is awarded three points if it scores a direct free kick from the field into a goal similar to “H”. In Rugby 15 there are many different ways to score points.

 Rugby sevens often uses a try-and-shove tactic. Such measures must be taken due to the small number of team players on the field. In Rugby 13, a team is awarded four points for a try.

A successful indirect free kick may earn an additional two points. In the game, an accurate shot on goal can bring the team one earned point. A field goal is a very effective way to score points when the score is tied between teams and a difference is needed to win.

Next in line is Parimatch rugby union. There is one rather important rule in this kind of rugby: there is a huge difference between the underdog teams and the favorites. Ninety percent of the time, a weak team is inferior to its opponent. And the chances of them winning are pretty slim. Looking back at the last ten Rugby World Cups, only once has an underdog team won.

The main winners are South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. This speaks to how different the class of teams is and how the team prepares and trains for the fights. In rugby sevens, there is no major division between teams. Because finding and preparing seven reasonably good athletes is many times easier than fifteen. This is rugby and small countries are trying to develop. No wonder the Fiji men’s team won the 2008 Olympic Games and won gold medals.

 This suggests that we can observe the most significant rivalry in rugby sevens. In basic rugby sevens, the actual score matters a lot. For a successful attack, the team scores four points. If the team managed to complete four successful attempts, it receives an additional bonus point.

There are also bonuses for teams. If the difference in the score reaches seven points, then the losing team can earn one point. Considering that there are a large number of different tournaments in rugby, some of them may be draws. We do not recommend betting on such predictions because the probability of such an event is so small, like a draw in boxing, for example. With such accruals and many different scoring chances, the struggle between the teams continues until the last minute, and the intrigue remains until the final whistle.

Result Betting

Let’s take a look at all the rugby bets. Bet on the winner of the match. Here, as in any other sport, there are three possible outcomes of the duel, namely: the victory of the first team, the victory of the second and last team, or a draw. But when we get to the end of the championship, the knockout games come. If during the match it was not possible to determine the winner, there is the possibility of holding two overtimes. Here you can bet on the outcome of the match with overtime.