One of the attractive sports disciplines is field hockey. This is a team game, the principle of which is to have 11 people in a team playing hockey on a specially created field. The duration of the game itself is 60 minutes, that is, 4 halves of 15 minutes each, at which time a break is included. Athletes usually use a stick and ball.

Games like field hockey also existed in ancient times, namely in the 2nd millennium BC in Egypt, Greece, Persia, the lands of the Incas and Japan. As a sports discipline for betting, field hockey betting PariMatch is available on the website of a reliable bookmaker.

Traditional hockey is understood as a sports game on an ice field, where two teams chase the puck with sticks, trying to get it into the opponent’s goal, protected by the goalkeeper. Hockey is now widespread in many countries and is an integral part of the program of the Olympic Games. There are several versions of the English word hockey:

  • From the Old French bouquet – “cove”, “mouth”, although in the current meaning these words are “hiccups”;
  • Hockey is derived from the word hooked, meaning “curve”. In the list of ball games prohibited by the Galway Charter of 1527, there is fun with “crooked sticks”;
  • From the word hockey. In the UK, wooden or cork bushings were sometimes used for ice games. This name was given to them, as they closed the barrels of rhine wine.
  • For the first time, the word “hockey” was mentioned in 1773. For the first time in articles, hockey was mentioned as “a sport with a hook.” It can be selected from the online field hockey betting PariMatch entertainment list.


Usability and Features

Online betting has a number of advantages. There are also high-quality sports predictions, which are discussed on the sports betting resource. The main advantages of sports betting include:

  • Convenience. Sports betting via the Internet gives bettors freedom, unlike traditional bets made in “land-based” offices. You can place a bet without reference to the area – at home or on the way to work.
  • Mass of payment instruments. You can deposit or withdraw money using electronic wallets, bank cards or cryptocurrency.
  • The abundance of varieties of sports betting. The network has numerous different types of bets on a variety of categories of tournaments.
  • No limits on bet sizes. You can use a variety of betting options with different financial sizes.
  • Field hockey betting bonuses PariMatch.

Sports betting is so widespread that people all over the world place bets on numerous betting sites. Access is granted after a simple registration procedure. Analytics and forecasts are published on thematic resources.

Basic Field Hockey Betting Strategy

In hockey, power moves are allowed, but they are limited by the rules. If they are violated, the player may be disqualified with the right to substitute. If the goalkeeper violates, then one of the field athletes plays for him, of which there must be three in the team.

Hockey betting markets are famous for their diversity. Some are of a general nature, while others are almost unique and exclusive to this sport discipline:

The result of the championship is a bet on a certain team that can become the winner of the competition.

Outcome of the meeting. You need to choose the actual favorite or the team that will probably win in regular time. There are no draws in hockey. If the match ended with the same results, then the victory is awarded to the team that first scored the puck in extra time.

Handicap. In this regard, hockey is no different from other disciplines. If you need to bet on a handicap of 1.5, then you need to make sure that the favorite team wins with a difference of at least two goals. If the handicap is +1.5, then a certain club does not lose with a difference of two goals.

Total – the total number of goals scored during the match. You can bet on more or less goals.

Accurate account. Each better can try to predict the exact score of the meeting or a draw in regular time.

Players should heed the following recommendations from experts:

  • track team forms at home or away;
  • be aware of the latest hockey games and all the information regarding popular teams;
  • find bookmakers with an extensive set of bets, as well as notice all the details.

field hockey

How to place bet on Field Hockey

Before registering, players should carefully study all the main nuances of a legal bookmaker, the rules of responsible gambling, the list of available financial instruments and the conditions for their operation. You can contact support representatives in advance to understand their competence.

It will also not be superfluous to test platforms for their compatibility with various devices in order to accurately verify the stability of their work. To place a bet with high odds, you need to follow these tips:

  • Learn the basics of betting. When choosing a bookmaker, you need to know how to correctly place a bet and basic tools of the office.
  • Understand the intricacies of budgeting. Before betting, it is better to allocate certain amounts for bets. It is necessary to set limits for each day and adhere to them, even with the risk and desire to recoup.

Beginners can take advantage of field hockey betting promotions PariMatch.

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Are free bets available at bookmaker?

Demo online betting does not exist. You can only use the bonuses of a specific office to bet on money from the administration.

What types of sports betting are profitable?

In view of the potential income, express trains are the most profitable. Such events are tied to higher odds, and therefore open up opportunities for making solid profits. The disadvantage of express trains is risks.

How can I bet online?

Only adults have the right to bet online on field hockey India PariMatch. You log into your account in an online bookmaker, replenish your account from a bank card or through another payment system, and then, if you win, you receive a prize on the same card or wallet.

How to bet on field hockey at Parimatch?

Beginners need to register and verify. And then select field hockey in the “Games” section, indicate the appropriate team in a particular event, select the type of bet and place it. You must first replenish your account with any of the available financial instruments.

Is Parimatch a licensed bookmaker?

Yes, Parimatch operates on the basis of a license issued by a trusted regulator in Curacao. This means that you do not have to worry about the fairness of the payouts. And all disputes can be resolved through the support service or international arbitration structures.