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PUBG Betting

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How to play PUBG?

The popularity of PUBG is already making it attractive to bet on. Both online betting sites and players like it. This game is easy to bet on, especially if you are a regular sports bettor. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily handle PUBG: Battlefield betting. You just need to do the following correctly:

Learn the game

It’s all over the games, but it’s funny how many people ignore it. Parimatch PUBG Betting requires knowledge of more than just the goal of the game. You need to understand the actions during the game and how they affect the outcome. What weapon is the most deadly? In which rounds do most players die? How long is the card valid?

Choose the Right Esports Betting Site

Betting sites offer almost the same odds. However, there are other factors that determine whether a site is right for you. Is it licensed in your country? What currencies do they accept? Are there transaction fees? While it is possible to play on an online betting site that is not licensed in your country, you lose the benefit of player protection when you do so.


The widespread craze for betting has contributed to the rise in popularity of cyber sports games. As one of the best games, PUBG is beloved by numerous betting sites as having the best PUBG esports odds. As many people find it on betting sites, the number of people entering the competition increases as the number of players and observers grows.

The stadium model

PUBG already succeeded with PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4 compatible versions. Then they went further and released another version for streaming stadiums in 2020. This added a new dimension to the game. Although the coronavirus-related blockade was mostly making the world uncomfortable at the time, excitement among PUBG fans was still high.

The idea of having face-to-face Parimatch PUBG Tournaments after the blockade was lifted gave them reason to look forward and rejoice during the bleak period. Many have started training to hone their skills in readiness for the competition if and when it becomes possible again.

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Will there be a tournament for PUBG: Battlegrounds?

PUBG: Battlegrounds has a global competition known as the PUBG Global Championship. It’s the equivalent of a world championship. It is held annually and brings together 32 teams from around the world. It is also a popular event for Parimatch PUBG live betting as the best players compete against each other. The PUBG World Championship usually marks the end of the PUBG competitive year.

Will there be a PUBG: Battlegrounds tournament?

  • Format

There are 32 teams participating in the global championship. Although the tournament is an invitational tournament, the privilege applies to teams that have distinguished themselves during the year. If you become the best tournament team in your region, you will automatically receive an invitation.

Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe and the Americas qualify by winning the Continental Series in their respective territories. Winners of the PUBG Summer Champions League will also receive a spot. Teams are seeded according to their qualifying portion.

  • Ranked Decision (Points Rule)

In the Global Championship, the competition begins with a decision round. This is done to award competitive placement teams (1-32). Teams are divided into four groups of eight. Teams in a group play each other on a round robin system. Six matches are played each day during the first week of competition.

The top 16 teams in this round qualify for the first week of survival. Teams in positions 17-31 become in line for the first weekly survival. The 32nd team loses weekly survival and advances to the Bottom 16 stage.

  • Weekly Survival

The top 16 play 16 games each weekday. The goal is to become the “16 winners of the Chicken Lunch Challenge.” By winning PUBG matches, the team qualifies for the weekly finals and leaves the weekly survival. The next team takes its place on the waiting list. This continues until there are 16 teams in the weekly finals.