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Volleyball betting

Volleyball Betting

Sports betting – Volleyball. No single volleyball betting strategy is win-win. But there are tactics that can greatly minimise the risks when you are betting on volleyball. In this article, we will discuss the most popular techniques used by beginners and professionals, which include beach volleyball betting. In volleyball, all the basic strategies are used: overtaking, forks, corridors, etc. Parimatch bookmaker.


Catching up is a particularly popular strategy among professional bettors. A big pot allowing 10-15 betting iterations (rounds) is a must. The idea of the overtake is to regularly increase the betting amount until the betting slip is successful. The task of the bettor is to calculate the amount so that the final victory will compensate for the money previously lost and bring profit, so there is a strategy for betting on volleyball. Online calculators can be helpful in calculating the best betting odds for each round with different odds. You will find volleyball in-play betting on the internet freely available. The player only needs to enter the initial data:

Betting with Pari Match

Virtual Sports on Pari Match

  • the money lost in the previous rounds;
  • the odds for the next bet;
  • the amount you want to win in the end.

Players should systematically catch up with one outcome. For example, a win for a particular team. It is possible to catch up with classic ordinaries on different outcomes. There are plenty of options:

  • Catch-up on the favorite.
  • On the outsider.
  • On the total.
  • On a handicap.
  • On a player’s stats.

Search for Forks

This strategy belongs to the category of win-win betting predictions on volleyball. A fork is not even a strategy, but a search for misalignments in BC lines. The essence of the technique is that BKs offer different odds on the same event. Because of the skewed odds, the bettor has the opportunity to bet on the same event in different studios, obtaining a guaranteed profit.

It is quite difficult to find a fork in a betting shop’s line-up on your own. There are many different programs on the internet that monitor bookmakers’ quotations and identify the jacks for win-win volleyball bets.


Volleyball is an ideal sport for this technique. To play successfully with this in-play volleyball betting strategy, you need to register and fund your accounts at 7-10 betting shops. Find the betting shops that put up different variants of the total. According to statistics, in order to make money with this volleyball strategy, you need to hit the lineout once in 7-8 attempts. There are many programs on the internet that allow you to find good lineouts. If you are going to play with this strategy for a long time, it is better to give preference to paid platforms.

Features of volleyball betting

A team must win three games (sets) to win the match. Each set is played to 25 points. If the opponents have a total of 24 points, the match continues until one team has a two-point advantage. It can end 30-28 or 42-40. In volleyball bettors need to pay attention to general patterns. This will help them make better analyses of events. There are quite a few patterns, so we’ll only list the most common ones:

Stars of Pari Match

Stars of Pari Match

  • Men’s volleyball is more predictable than women’s volleyball. Sensations rarely occur in it. If you play the strategy against the favorite, it is better to use it in women’s competition.
  • The team that wins 2-0 in sets wins 98% of the time in men’s volleyball.
  • The outsiders put the emphasis on starting the championship. They try to score more points while the leaders are recovering from the physical exertions of training camp.
  • The favorites almost always win their first and last home matches of the season.
  • In some countries the fans are very supportive, e.g. volleyball India betting, which allows them to win much more often.
  • The favorites often only put the main squad out in the second game.
  • Many coaches experiment with the line-up if their team wins 2-0 in sets.
  • After tough matches in other tournaments favorites usually lose in national championships.


We’ve looked at a few popular volleyball betting strategies today. Determine for yourself the most optimal technique. Start playing with virtual money. Once you have mastered the basics, move on to real money.

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