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eSports Betting

Sports Betting

eSports, especially on Parimatch, is a thrilling experience. The detailed animation, offensive, defensive and realistic nature of what’s happening fuels the excitement. Betting on sports should be done believing in success, knowing the specifics of the eSports discipline and without emotion. In eSports cs betting everything that is not prohibited by the rules of betting Parimatch: strategies, own logic, intuition, tips from the outside, predictions and other factors are allowed.

What strategies will work for a sport such as eSports cs go betting at the Parimatch bookmaker’s office? Flat (allocate the same amount of money to bet until the player wins or loses the whole amount of the bank originally planned) or Martingale (a catch-up, when betting is a certain percentage of the bank, such as 5-8%, regardless of whether the coupon is winning or not) do not always work. At betting on eSports Dota, it is difficult to calculate how gamers on the other side of the net will behave. Live battles are often played by bots, that is, a computer program. It is necessary to bet by analyzing the current situation on the map or field, the court. However, there are other strategic options.


A player makes two bets on the same eSports battle, but on opposite results. As the bookmaker Parimatch disapproves of the forks, players bet at different bookmakers’ offices. For example, betting on eSports Dota 2 on the winner of P1, in another betting bank on the same game, but on the winner of P2. The closer the odds are, the more the player will win. There will definitely be no total loss in eSportss overwatch betting.

Betting on eSportss ks, that is, taking into account the available arsenal. Worthy of consideration are all factors: which tournament Parimatch offers, which gamers made the team, how strong the team is, which card played, which characters the gamers have, with what abilities, characteristics. The strategy works best when betting on eSports with money on the Parimatch website. The more experienced the gamers, the stronger the team.

eSports Betting

eSports Betting — Pari Match

Cyber Go betting

From time to time, BK Parimatch has new battles with overpriced eSports betting odds. The reason is not the generosity of bookmaker Parimatch, but its lack of a team of professional eSports analysts. If you spot them in time and place a bet, you can get a solid win in eSports betting online.

Judging by the reviews of players on thematic forums, blogs, strategies can be used successfully, only holding back emotions. The following tips will also be useful in determining the right bet on eSports in BK Parimatch:

The status of the battle

ESports has long moved from being an amateur sport to a competitive one. Tournaments with valuable or cash prizes are held. The higher the category of the competition and the prize pool, the more gamers put up. It is important to keep this in mind when making predictions about cyber-sports bets, as teams are more determined to win in important tournaments than in training tournaments.

Team chemistry. A team is only as strong as the gamers on it if they play as a team. If every single one of them wants to show off, they won’t play well. Find out if the team has played this kind of team before, and what the result was. Or how successful was the battle that the declared gamers took part in?

Real players or bots. The eSports featured in the Parimatch Lineup involve real gamers. Online games, especially cyber football, cyber basketball, cyber tennis, cyber hockey, are computer algorithms. That is, a program is prepared in advance, which does not change during the competition, the course of the game is not affected by the size of the bets, their number or the popularity of the battle. There are favorites who are better equipped, better prepared, certain parts of the map or the field better protected. You can find this out by watching the game on the video stream and analysing the play. For the games in the Lineup section of Bet Parimatch you should prepare theoretically: team composition, gamers’ uniforms, information in blogs and forums, news, press.

Innovations. Disciplines in eSports are undergoing changes – new characters, abilities, tools and locations are appearing as the old ones have become obsolete or depleted. They can affect the outcome of a battle.
Gamers. Look for information about the participants of the battle: experience, experience in the game, age, game statistics and performance, ability to play in a team, the gamer plays online games, that is from home, or in offline tournaments, that is on special platforms, in clubs, in the presence of real spectators.

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