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Boxing betting

Boxing is considered to be one of the oldest sports. As far back as the ancient Greeks’ fistfights were practiced, which can be considered the forerunners of boxing bets today. Professional boxing has been practiced since 1867, when the first rules of boxing were published in London. Much time has passed since then, but the basic principles of boxing betting have remained unchanged. The center of boxing in the world today is considered to be America. They know how to present boxing as a real show. The majority of boxing boxing boxing fights take place in the USA, and boxing bets are much higher than in Europe. Though boxing is becoming more popular and the best athletes are not Americans, but Ukrainian Klitschko brothers.

Boxing betting

Online betting in PariMatch – play and win!

The history of sports betting on boxing is as long as the sport itself. Even in ancient times people made simple boxing bets on the victory of one of the fighters. Of course, the industry has gone a long way since then, but the desire to bet on your favorite fighter is still with us.

Boxing today does not have a single main center. The sphere of influence has dispersed into 4 different boxing associations and each one holds many fights in different weight classes under its own umbrella. The heavyweight fights attract the most viewer interest, as, in fact, the winners of these are considered to be the best boxers on earth, and betting on boxing online is gaining more and more popularity. The following is a list of boxing associations:

  • International Boxing Federation (IBF).
  • World Boxing Association (WBA).
  • World Boxing Organization (WBO).
  • World Boxing Council (WBC).

Boxing is a contact sport, which is single combat with participants hitting each other with their fists wearing special gloves. A fight lasts between 3 and 12 rounds and is controlled by the referee. The aim of boxing is for an opponent to get hurt so that they cannot continue to fight or to fall down if they are unable to get to their feet within 10 seconds.

Modern bookmaker betting on boxing is a unique opportunity to enjoy the spectacle of the fight while gaining a substantial material return. A lot of bookmakers offer their customers a chance to bet on boxing matches, and Parimatch is one of them. Our company offers to make bets on the most important sport events in the world of boxing, the grandeur and spectacularity of which will not leave anyone indifferent. In 2014 we have something to please our customers.


It is boxing that can be classed as one of the most unpredictable sporting events and it is impossible to make a boxing betting prediction. When a star competitor and a little known boxer meet, most punters prefer the well-known boxer, underestimating his not so well known rival. However, apart from the fact that boxing betting odds on an unknown boxer are often inflated, the likelihood of his unexpected victory allows experienced bettors to discover a “gold mine” in boxing betting.

Professional boxing bets - the main criteria for succes

Boxing betting in online betting office PariMatch

The online boxing betting odds from PariMatch include the following list to bet on boxing:

  • Win. Bets are placed on one boxer’s victory, including any of its types.
  • A win on points. Only a win by judges’ decision at the end of all boxing rounds is included.
  • An early win. Bets on any kind of victory, excluding a win on points.
  • Tie. A bet on a tie for each contestant at the end of all rounds of the fight.
  • Duration of a fight. This type of betting offers a prediction of how many rounds the future game will be played, as well as which round the fight will end in.

Becoming a true expert in the field of betting and knowing how to bet on boxing is not easy, but the game is really worth the effort – the positive results in the form of huge victories can pay off all your hard work. In addition, do not forget about the pleasure of watching the boxing matches – the intrigue, excitement, adrenaline, and just enjoy the spectacle of the fight between two strong contenders are guaranteed.

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