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American football betting

Bet on American football

American football is a contact sport which is a ball game with an oval-shaped ball. There are two teams of 11 players each and the contest takes place on a rectangular field with special goals at both ends of the court. The main aim of the game is to win possession of the ball and push it into the scoring area, either by passing or carrying it. The team with the most points wins the competition. The popularity of American football in the sport’s betting home country is reaching unbelievable proportions. American football betting is the biggest moneymaker, with the annual turnover reaching over 10 billion dollars by 2014. Therefore, it’s easy to assume that this betting market could become a goldmine for professional bettors, who are true American football fans. Parimatch betting in India.

American football is hugely popular in America, being the undisputed number 1 sport there with an annual turnover of $10 billion. This forceful, dynamic, attacking game has 800 million fans around the world. American football is played in 40 countries across 5 continents.

American football

American football betting

American football betting at Betting PariMatch

Paris-Match bookmaker’s office takes American football bets on the American National League (NFL). It has 32 teams, which are split into the American and National Conferences. Each of these leagues is split into four divisions – North, South, West and East – in which four teams each play.

In American football there are 11 players on the pitch at a time. The number of substitutions is not limited, so a maximum of 53 players can be substituted per match. As a rule, American football employs the tactic of forming separate teams of players for defense and offense. Therefore there is a defensive coach and an offensive coach as well as the head coach on the sidelines.

The main and most important player in American football is the quarterback. He is the “brain” of the team, successfully directing the actions of teammates. Betting on American football, bookmaker Pari-Match recommends assessing the chances of winning one of the opposing teams on the basis of the physical condition of this player. The absence of a quarterback can drastically change the balance of power on the field, respectively, reducing the likelihood of a positive outcome for the team where he is absent – in this case, in American football, refuse to bet.

American football

American football — Fired to Win

American football betting terms and rules

Betting company Pari-Match accepts bets on American football on the following results and is available for lucky bettors on American football betting strategy:

  1. A clean win. In this bet you will have to predict the winner of the match. Bets on a clean win are accepted taking into account the time of overtime unless otherwise indicated in the line.
  2. Winning with handicaps. The advantage (handicap) is given to the weaker team in this bet. In this kind of bet you have to decide the winner taking into consideration the goal advantage. If the handicap is hit, the bet is settled with odds of “1”. Betting on a handicap win is accepted taking into account overtime time unless otherwise stated in the line.
  3. Betting on the total. The total is the total number of points scored by the teams in a match. Here you have to guess the result of the game, depending on the value of the total. If the result of the match equals the total, the bet will be settled as ‘1’.

If the match is not played on the declared day for any reason, the Pari-Match bookmaker will refund bets. BK Pari-Match sincerely hopes that all your bets on American football will be winning. Have a good game!

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