In order to start playing at the casino, you will need to register on the official website, this procedure will not take much time. As the main currency, you can use any convenient for you, the casino accepts almost all currencies of the world.

You can make a deposit with a huge number of payment systems, everything is done for the convenience of the player. PariMatch minimum deposit, the minimum, and maximum deposit amount depends on the payment system. By the way, through payment systems, you can not only put money into the account, but also take it from there.

PariMatch minimum deposit, for payment cards the minimum amount is ten INR, but if the replenishment goes through the terminal, then the amount is less.

Payment cards have a top-up limit of five thousand INR.

The main advantage of all the red tape with the replenishment is that it happens in just a few minutes, so the player will not have to wait several hours to make a bet.

Key facts about PariMatch replenishment systems:

  • PariMatch deposit methods through any convenient payment system and only in this way, and the casino has more than ten.
  • The PariMatch minimum deposit amount is ten INR.
  • PariMatch first deposit bonus, each new player always receives deposit bonuses. In order for the bonus to come, you just need to deposit ten INR into your account. After that, the first bonuses in the amount of 111 percent of the deposited amount are credited to the account, but not more than 111 INR.

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Online PariMatch Banking

To carry out the procedure for withdrawing money from the casino, you must be a registered user. During registration, the client must provide a passport or any other identification document, as well as confirm that he is the owner of it. Sometimes identity verification can take numerous weeks, but this is in the event that the client is trying to deceive the casino and redistributing not his data.

After the first withdrawal request from the client, I will require confirmation of personal data. Most often, they are asked to show copies of the passport or a digital photo on which the player along with his passport.

There are some restrictions for withdrawing money, at least 30 thousand INR can be withdrawn to the card. Withdrawing money takes an average of twelve hours and can take up to seven days. Almost all systems work without limit, so you can withdraw any amount. All commissions during the withdrawal of any amount. All commissions during the withdrawal of money the casino takes over.


Can minors play at Parimatch Casino?

Of course not, it is strictly prohibited. No matter how hard a person tries to deceive the casino and provide other people’s documents, he will be exposed anyway.

Why does the registration procedure sometimes take a week or even more?

In cases where the user made a mistake while filling in the data, it turns out that we see one data in the passport, and others in the registration form. In such cases, a thorough check of all documents begins, and this takes a lot of time.

The amount of the first bonus can increase if you immediately replenish your account not by 10 INR, but for example by 100?

Unfortunately no! This rule has been working for many years and even if you deposit more than 10 INR, you still get only 100 INR. PariMatch minimum deposit india is only 10 INR, the rules are the same for everyone!

Why does withdrawing money take so long?

The larger the amount you withdraw, the longer it will take, since this procedure will go through many checks.

How long will the maximum payout period be?

The maximum withdrawal period is two weeks, even if after this period the money has not been received, then you can contact the support service. The support service works around the clock, in case of problems, just write to the chat, and you will be answered immediately. It is worth noting that everything individually for one person, the procedure takes several hours, while for another it can take several weeks.

Can I receive payments without verifying my identity?

No, in order to start withdrawing funds, casino employees must make sure that you are not a scammer, but the real owner of the account. In addition, it is not necessary to show exactly the rights of a driver’s license, the main thing is that your photo is there. PariMatch is the most worthy and famous institution in the global gaming market. Of course, like everywhere else, it has its pros and cons, but believe me, their main plus is honesty, and this is not often seen in the world of gambling. Therefore, if you want to not only play, but also win, then you are definitely here.