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Handball Betting

Parimatch bookmaker. Handball is a team sport with 7 players each, 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. The main aim of handball is to score the highest number of goals against the other team. The first references to a game that in any way resembled handball can be found in the writings of the Roman physician Galen and in Homer’s “The Odyssey”. The official founder of handball is considered to be Danish track and field athlete, swordsman and marksman Holger Nielsen, who created it for women’s groups and named the game “handball” in 1898. The first international game was played in 1925, and a year later handball was also developed in other European countries. In 1936, handball was included in the Olympic Games program. The International Handball Federation, which was established in 1946, was the most powerful “push” in the development of handball. At first, teams were playing 11×11, but after 1966 the rules were changed to 7×7.

Handball betting is very popular today. Among the standard handball bets the most popular ones are handball betting on wins and draws, handball handicaps, total game totals etc.

Particularly popular are live bets on handball and handball total bets. This is characterised by the fact that it is possible to get in touch with a particular situation in good time, which can bring some good ideas. There are some teams, for instance, that start out passive, and therefore the odds on them start to rise immediately, but their weak play at the beginning does not mean the team will not win.

If you learn the ins and outs beforehand, you can make a good profit by anticipating the high odds.
Handball betting is quite popular, as it is believed to offer great winning prospects. Handball bets offered by bookmakers are considered to be one of the most lucrative bets today. During the 2014 European Handball Championship, a German man managed to win 30 times his salary by betting online at one of the betting shops. Therefore, the odds for this sport betting are very different from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Handball Betting

Handball Betting

Kinds of handball betting

Sports betting – handball is a team sport and betting on it is traditional for betting lines.

Handball betting strategies: how to bet correctly

Before you start betting on handball, take a closer look at the Champions League handball betting:

  • Handball rules
  • Betting rules for handball
  • Rules of handball tournaments
  • favorites, underdogs, outsiders

This is a standard set of things to understand when betting on any team sport, including handball.

Handball is an outwardly simple sport, but it has so many different nuances. Not all the intricacies of the game will be immediately clear. Just like in any other business, in handball betting success comes with the experience of the player. Therefore the first bets you place are either on the bookmakers’ demo account or for small amounts which you won’t mind losing if something goes wrong. These days, many bookmakers offer a handball betting bot.

Handball betting analytics and statistics BC

Until about 20 years ago it was difficult for handball fans to find any quality match statistics. The situation was even worse with analytics: true handball specialists were few. However, things have changed with the development of the open information era. You can find almost any kind of statistics on the internet now. It can be a single team, a tournament, a player’s stats, etc. The number of good handball analyses has increased.

Along with the flow of good information a stream of pseudo-analytical articles on the sport has appeared. Many of them describe some kind of their strategy for handball betting: it often happens that the authors-“analysts” do not even know all the rules of the game, and yet, give their advice.

You should keep in mind that a handball in-play betting strategy is similar to pre-match betting – you should know the rules, the rules of a handball tournament, the favorites and the underdogs, but you have to act faster because a decision may be made much quicker. So get all the information you have, analyze it, and filter it out. This will not guarantee a win in handball betting (or any other sport), but it will prevent you from knowingly losing a bet.

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