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Table Tennis Betting

Table tennis betting at the bookmaker’s office in Parimatch is very popular and the sport betting is always included in the in-play section. In addition to this section, you can bet on the Olympics, World Championships and even European Championships at the Parimatch bookmaker’s office.

And in-play table tennis betting is made for individual: men’s, women’s, doubles competitions and duels. Parimatch offers very high odds on many events, such as a win in one of the matches or sets. It happens that a table tennis match has started, but for any reason has not been finished, in this case all bets are not considered valid. Bets will only count if the match is fully played.

This sport is very unpredictable, but if you study the players well, the style of play, previous wins and more, you can make good money in just a few hours. Betting company Parimatch is a very honest institution and there can be no cheating. All bets that have played successfully are always paid out to the customers of the office.

Table tennis betting strategy: how to bet correctly Almost everyone has tried playing table tennis. Many still occasionally hold
Racket in hand. But there are not so many experts who follow professional ping pong tournaments, understand the peculiarities of the sport and are able to give proper advice.

Table Tennis Betting

Table Tennis — Sports Betting

As it happens Asian table tennis players dominate on the international scene in recent years. Chinese representatives (with some exceptions) win the most prestigious competitions. Therefore most of the profile resources are concentrated in Asia. Although now our bookmakers accept online betting on table tennis in-play strategy with a wide representation of local athletes.

If you’re not a ping pong betting expert, tools such as rankings, face-offs and results of recent matches, table tennis betting forum will help you assess the odds more or less objectively before the game starts.
The same inputs are used by the bookmakers, so the pre-match line-up is usually set correctly. Do not forget about the fact that in this sport you can get caught in a rigged game, this is not uncommon.

Table Tennis Live Betting Strategies

Let’s find out how to bet on table tennis. As the game progresses in live betting, lucrative offers with good odds can arise due to the incredible speed and momentum. It is therefore a smart decision in sports table tennis betting odds and the balance of power of the tennis players, to arm yourself with a strategy for betting as you go along and to act according to a preconceived plan.

Table tennis betting tactics

A bet on whether the inferior player wins the set: If, in a relatively even encounter at pre-match odds, one of the opponents has won the opening two sets, it makes sense to bet on your opponent winning the third set. The betting amount should be calculated in such a way that in case of loss in the third set it is possible to increase the betting amount for the fourth set and at the end of the match remain in the plus, thus “catching up” with the victory in one of the sets. Rarely in matches of seven games in a meeting of evenly matched opponents does one of the opponents win 4-0.

Betting on a losing favorite – table tennis betting tricks

A similar scenario can be used to bet on the favorite to win the second set if the underdog wins the first set. In this case it is necessary to calculate the odds for the victory of the favorite in the set, calculating the maximum amount of losses for possible “overtake” in the next set.

Since table tennis is played to 11 points, there is a higher chance of an even total in a set than in volleyball or badminton, where a set is played to 25 and 21 points respectively. It is enough for both players to score 9 points in a set for an even total to be played. So in a meeting of even opponents it is popular to ‘chase’ the even total in a set. In a meeting of evenly matched opponents, even totals are more likely than in a meeting between the clear favorite and the underdog.

Total and Handicap Strategy

Total and handicaps in live betting make sense when there is the maximum deviation from the pre-match pattern in the course of the game.

If one of the opponents has a sizeable lead in a meeting of equal players, it is more likely that the lead will be reduced than increased in table tennis betting online.

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