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Betting on CS:GO: where and how to do it

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The game Counter-Strike is one of the oldest cyber sports disciplines. The history of the team shooter began in 1999. Counter-Strike tournaments entered the life of players in the early 2000s, and over time, the game has taken a leading position in the cyber sports market. The release Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) in 2012 coincided with the heyday of online betting and bookmakers almost immediately began taking CS GO Parimatch betting.

Types of bets

In the line of bookmaker companies can find several types of bets on matches and tournaments for CS:GO.  

The main

P1 or P2 (bet on the outcome). Victory of one or the other team. As a rule, offers on the outcome can be found in both pre-match and in play. A draw result (X) is rare, since the format of the competition is most often formed in such a way as to immediately identify the winner.

Total (less or more). In Parimatch CS GO total bets can be made on the number of cards or rounds. For example, if the format of the match is bo3 (game to two wins), then the bookmaker will offer to bet on TB 2.5 cards or TM 2.5 cards. In other words, the betting proposition is that all three cards or only two cards will be played in the match. There can be no other options. The same applies to bo5 formats (a game of three wins, the maximum number of cards in the game is five), bo7 and so on. With the bo1 format there is no such bet, as only one card will be played in the match.

TM or TB rounds. In this case, it is proposed to bet on the number of rounds. In Parimatch Cs Go bonuses their number is limited. At least 16 rounds will be played (if one team wins 16-0). The most profitable CS GO skins bet on Parimatch on the total more is TB 29.5 rounds, that is, to win it is necessary that the teams have played all 30 rounds for two sides (not including additional rounds). Many bookmakers also offer to bet on individual TB or TM rounds.

Handicap (plus or minus). Most often considered when the favorite and the underdog meet. For example, if the match format is bo3, the bookie will offer to bet on the favorite with a handicap (-1.5) or on the underdog with a handicap (+1.5). In the first case, it is assumed that the favorite will win with a score of 2-0 on the cards. In the second case, that the outsider will win at least one card. The handicap can also refer to the rounds.

Betting on handicaps is closely related to betting on the exact score because the format of Parimatch CS GO matches is always known in advance, which means that the number of cards played is severely limited. For example, with the bo3 format, the following scores are possible: 2:0, 2:1, 0:2 or 1:2.


Winning the pistol rounds. By winning the first pistol round, the team provides itself with the necessary money, which is spent on the purchase of more powerful weapons. These rounds are very different from the other rounds, as they are the only ones in which teams are on the same playing field. Some bookmakers also offer to bet on the second, third and fourth rounds. Basically, such Parimatch CS GO bet predictions are popular in play.

Total rounds or cards (even or odd). In this case, it also depends on the format of the match. For example, with the bo3 format, such a bet is not much different from a TM or TB 2.5 cards.

The victory of the team in one of the sides (CT or T). The peculiarities of some cards allow one of the sides to take advantage. For example, it is believed that on the map de_nuke are very strong counter-terrorists. Therefore, it makes sense to consider winning the CT, if this side is a strong team.

CS:GO betting strategies

The basic types of betting have a number of advantages. Firstly, they are relevant both before the match and in play. Secondly, the process of analysis of such bets is more clear and structured. Thirdly, such bets can be found at almost any official bookmaker. There are Parimatch CS GO risk to consider

Proper analysis begins with the definition of the tournament. For example, teams take LAN tournaments more seriously than online ones. In addition, in online matches, the connection quality of the participants may be different, and this greatly affects the efficiency of shooting and movement.

Next, we should turn to statistics. On the Parimatch website, you can always find comprehensive information about almost any team or any tournament. Of great importance are statistics on recent team performances and mappools, i.e. on which maps teams play well and on which they play poorly.

It is necessary to always be aware of changes in the lineup of teams. While in soccer the substitution of a player before the match is not always crucial, in CS:GO and other team cyber sports disciplines (5 on 5) it’s almost the main factor. Every member of the team is a key player. It is not profitable for teams to keep two equivalent squads for contingencies.

The emotional and physical state of the players also greatly affects the result. For example, it is not always easy for Europeans and Americans to get used to the time zones and food of Asian countries. The first game days for foreign teams do not always go smoothly.

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The advantages of betting on CS:GO

Stability. Top teams from the ranking of the authoritative publication Parimatch, constantly taking part in the “Majors” at the invitation of the organizers (the so-called division Tyr-1), from year to year the same weather. Thanks to this, you can follow betting trends that have been forming over the years. This applies to both regular bets in pre-match and long-term betting. Take, for example, the cybersports team Astralis. It has won four of the last six Majors. At each of these tournaments, the team’s wins came at odds in the neighborhood of 2. Quite a high value for the premier organization in the Counter-Strike world.

Online streaming. Organizing a broadcast of a CS:GO match is many times easier than making a live feed from the venue of a traditional sporting event. That is why there is never a question of where to watch this or that meeting on CS. You can follow different tournaments and games through available online broadcasts and make live betting cs go Parimatch.

Betting mistakes. This advantage is more for professional players who know the game thoroughly. Bookmakers sometimes make mistakes in the lines on CS, setting overstated or understated odds. If you know some situation in the team, which the bookmaker bypassed, or just thoroughly studied this or that team, it will not be a problem for you to find such mistakes in the line. 

Disadvantages of betting on CS:GO

Low coverage and number of events. Despite the progress of cybersports, in its popularity it is strongly inferior to soccer, hockey, basketball and many other sports disciplines. This is especially true for CS:GO, which still has a serious lag from the same Dota 2. So, unlike, for example, the NBA, several good matches a day in the KC does not happen. Players who only follow the game through top tournaments sometimes have to wait several months to place their bets. And if they play in a non-specialized bookmaker’s office, they usually have big problems with the betting schedule. Often the choice of bets is limited to P1 and P2.

Now you know what the betting options are. Choose the one that best suits your Cs Go betting strategies on Parimatch. And Parimatch will delight you with good odds for your big winnings.