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Betting on StarCraft

parimatch starcraft 2

StarCraft is one of the most popular disciplines in eSports betting. Lines for tournaments in this discipline can be found at Parimatch, a bookmaker that accepts bets on cybersports. Today there are cybersports tournaments for StarCraft: Brood War, StarCraft: Remastered and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. 

StarCraft 2 bet online is a real-time strategy (RTS) game from Blizzard Entertainment. There are three races in the game: the Terrans, the Protoss and the Zerg. The goal of the game is to mine resources, develop your army and destroy your opponent’s base. The most common mode is 1 on 1.

StarCraft Betting Patterns and Their Features

The main types of bets on Parimatch StarCraft 2 include:

  • Outcome: P1 or P2 (victory of one of the players or teams);
  • Card Outcome: P1 or P2 on one single card.

If everything is clear with the classic outcome (P1 and P2), with other bets beginners may have difficulties. The fact is that in cybersport Parimatch StarCraft 2 risk everything revolves around cards. A cybersports match on SC can take place in bo1, bo3, bo5, bo7 and so on. In the first case, you only need to win once (on one map) to win. In the second, to win you must win two cards out of three possible. The format of matches is always known in advance.

On the basis of the match format the following bets are formed: total less, total more, handicap, even or odd number of cards.

Total less or more

TB 2.5 cards means that all three cards can be played in the match. For this players must win at least one card.

Total on cards: even or odd

A final score of 2-0 (two cards) in favor of one of the players means that an even number of cards are played in the match. A final score of 2:1 (three cards) means that an odd number of cards are played in the match.

Handicap by Cards

A plus or minus handicap on a player or team. A handicap of 1 (+1.5) means that the first player must win at least one card to successfully receive Parimatch StarCraft 2 bonuses.

Correct score

The exact score in StarCraft is easier to predict than in soccer or hockey. Depending on the match format, a player needs to win a certain number of cards to win (no more and no less). For example, a strong player will in most cases beat a weak player 2-0 on cards, provided the match was in bo3 format.

There are also long-term bets:

  • bet on winners: a long term bet on one of the winners;
  • Advance to the final: Long-term bet on one of the finalists.


Strategies of betting on SC2

Recall that there are only three races in the game: Terrans (T), Protoss (P) and Zerg (Z). Thus, one participant of the match can play three kinds of duels, i.e. matchups. As a rule, professional Starcrafters play for one race their whole career. Any player has some preferences in matchups, i.e. against one race he is comfortable betiing StarCraft 2 Parimatch and against another one he often has difficulties.

This is influenced not only by the player’s skill (skills and abilities) but also by the Parimatch StarCraft 2 strategy. Every few months there are changes to the game related to the characteristics of units, buildings and so on. One race may be stronger than others because of some game trivia or unit skills. When choosing bets it is worth taking into account these nuances and study the statistics of the previous games of the participants in the match.

A lot depends on the map the players have chosen. During the selection of locations, the player tries to strike the opponent’s strong cards and choose his own crown cards. On some maps the terrans are strong, on others the protoss feel good, the same applies to the zerg.

A good way to figure out what’s important for betting faster is to see how the pros think. A separate Parimatch StarCraft 2 predictions on cyber sports page will help. We recommend not only reading the analysis itself, but also paying attention to the expert’s statistics: whether this or that cyber sports discipline is his profile and what profitability (ROI) his approaches show at a distance.

Demos is an in-game recording of the game, which you can watch only through the game itself. Demos can be watched both in first person and in free mode.

Vods are video footage of a match that was made during a live betting StarCraft 2 on Parimatch broadcast. The main advantage of vods is the possibility to hear the commentators and experts explaining the actions of the participants in the match.

The player’s form is also very important. There are many sites where you can track the latest results of this or that Starcrafter. The organization and place of training greatly affect the preparation of the player. 

Tips for beginners

Tips for beginner bettors for successful betting:

  • Starcraft is not a team discipline. When analyzing an event, the bettor should consider the tone, health and experience of the individual player. 
  • The favorite is determined by a careful analysis of current performances and statistical indicators. The player’s game tone at the distance of the player bodes well for success. At the same time, it is important not to discount the sensation factor – often after a series of victories, an experienced player relaxes and loses to an underdog. 
  • The tournament rank affects the players. Some gamers can’t stand the pressure and emotional intensity, which is reflected in their performance. The bigger the tournament, the harder it is for inexperienced and low-rated players.  


So, to analyze correctly, you need to know: the type of patch, matchups, watch demos, strong and weak cards of this or that player, as well as study the statistics of recent matches and tournaments. The easiest and most reliable type of betting on StarCraft is classic outcomes, totals and handicaps. Beginners should focus on these bets, as they are the least dispersion.