The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Sports Betting

If you are the kind of person who likes to bet all the time, you can benefit greatly from what virtual sports bets sites have to offer. Since everything takes place in a virtual environment, a deep knowledge of the software and sites offering this type of service is required.

What is virtual betting

Betting on Parimatch virtual sport betting is no different from any other form of gambling – you bet money on the outcome of an event. The only difference is that the sporting events you bet on are like a computer game. If you’ve ever held a gaming console in your hands, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Another familiar concept might be a random number generator (RNG). This is how the outcome of any virtual event of this kind is decided. Of course, taking into account the coefficients that are given for each possible outcome. The developers claim that their simulations are as close to real life as possible, but opinions differ.

The most popular virtual sports

We will now check the availability of the six most popular sports for this category. Having all six is ​​a sign of a well-developed betting service. Even if you are not going to bet on, for example, greyhound racing, at some point you may change your mind.

With such a wide selection of betting markets, you can choose the sport that you like from both a spectator and a bettor’s point of view. Not only that, you can alternate between different events for a more complete betting experience. Another big advantage is that you have a large number of competitive odds at your disposal.

Odds and payouts in virtual sports betting

Knowing how to bet on virtual sports Parimatch will be of little use if you don’t keep track of payout percentages. You know that your bets are profitable when the odds are good.

The result of our research clearly shows that betting on virtual football brings the most profit in terms of numbers. Don’t exclude other sports from the equation just yet. Using a betting strategy can increase your chances of winning.

Types of virtual bets

If you have several years of work as a bettor behind you, you should know what virtual bets exist. Who wins is a universal bet that applies to all types of virtual sports. Horse racing allows you to bet on the winner of the race, the first two to finish the race, each way and more.

Fans of virtual football have a balanced wider selection of bets to choose from. These include handicaps, winning odds and so-called “props bets”. Prop bets include total goals scored, half/end of the game, double odds, correct score. It’s hard to catch, but it pays off.

Bonuses and promotions

In addition to offerings from our leading operators, they can be used in a variety of sports markets, not just virtual ones. Bookmakers that offer a special bonus for betting on virtual sports are rare, but this is not a problem. Every bonus is a good bonus, especially if the number of playthroughs is low.

Virtual sports fans can only count on the best sports betting bonuses. This is what they get when they sign up for one of our themed sites. This means free and risk-free betting, deposit matching offers, increased odds, and so on.

The wagering requirement sets the criteria you must meet when using the bonus. For virtual bets, its amount is the amount you clear the bonus once or twice. You can then withdraw the money won with the bonus.

Availability of virtual sports events

One of the strengths of virtual sports events is that they are held regularly. On a virtual sports betting platform, you have to wait 1 minute between matches, on others – 3 minutes. The main thing is that you have enough time to recover, reevaluate your strategy and try again if you want. At the same time, the waiting time is short enough not to get upset.