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Billiard betting

Billiard Betting

Thanks to the media, television and Internet resources, billiards has long since emerged from the chamberliness of clubs. In recent years, its popularity as betting and elegant sport betting has been steadily growing. Billiard tournaments gather thousands of fans in front of the screens. Of course, this situation has not passed by the attention of Parimatch – the most popular bookmaker in the region. Today the company accepts billiards bets, knowing exactly how interesting they are to players.

Types of billiards

Strictly speaking, “billiards” is a generalized name for several varieties of the game. In the modern world, its variations are the most popular:

  • snooker;
  • pool (American billiards);
  • English;
  • Russian;
  • Karambol (French).

Most of the billiards bets in the Parimatch bookmaker’s office are on snooker. This game is considered to be the most intellectual, the victory here – does not depend on chance, only on the exact calculation and skills of the participants. Betting on snooker is exciting and profitable, but first, you need to understand its principles and rules.

Billiard Betting

Bet on Billiard with Pari Match

Snooker Ground Rules:

The player who scores the most points by pocketing the coloured balls wins.
Each colour has a certain number of points:

  • red – 1;
  • yellow – 2;
  • green – 3;
  • brown – 4;
  • blue 5;
  • pink 6; black 7; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6; pink 6.
  • black – 7.

A player cannot score two red balls in a row, they must alternate with other colours. The right to first strike is drawn by lot. An odd number of draws (frames) are played. At some point it becomes obvious that one of the players has scored so many points that the other cannot reach him. As we see, sportsmen have to think over their tactics, choose the balls of a certain colour and calculate their actions, which makes snooker akin to chess.

Types of billiard championships

In 2020 billiards had all the chances to become an Olympic sport, but the decision was postponed for the next year. The likelihood of snooker, carambole and pool is included in the Olympic Games is still high. While bettors wait for the opportunity to bet on billiards as part of the Olympic events, there is a need to practice on other championships:

  • International and national championships;
  • World and regional cups;
  • Championships among certain groups of athletes: professionals, veterans, girls, boys, etc.

A large number of snooker competitions are held in the world each year. Many of them are broadcast live. As far as players are concerned, the 2019 World Snooker Championship went to Judd Trump for gold. The second finalist three years in a row was John Higgins. The speed record was held by Ronnie O’Sullivan, who managed to score 145 points in 5 min 20 sec. World championships for other games (pool, carambole, Russian billiards) are held irregularly.

Types and features of billiards betting

The bookmaker’s pool betting line includes many interesting options for the bettor. There are such options to bet on snooker online:

  • winner of the game;
  • individual total of athletes (total points);
  • exact score frame;
  • handicap;
  • Outcome, total, handicap in the same draw;
  • additional drawing.

Within the limits of bets on additional drawing it is possible to choose, for example, which of the players will form the 100-point series first, which colour ball will be scored first, how many 100-point series will be, etc.

Billiards betting – pre-match analytics

For billiards in general and for snooker in particular, pre-match analytics should take into account the following indicators

  • An athlete’s rating;
  • his performance level;
  • The psychological state at the time of the competition;
  • the motivation and mood to win;
  • the results of the player’s previous competitions.

The physical condition of billiard players is not particularly important. Their game is also not affected by weather conditions, types of cover. The skills of snooker masters improve with experience, which is indirectly reflected in their rating. So before you make a Russian billiards bet on a particular player, find out his place in the rankings. As we have already written, experience decides almost everything in snooker. But even the most experienced athlete can “break” at a crucial moment under the pressure of stress, some circumstances of his personal life, etc. A bad attitude or lack of motivation may also lead to a loss. How can the bettor take these influences into account? If you have decided to bet on snooker, it is a good idea to keep up with the news around the tournament and the personalities of the athletes.

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