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Horse Racing Betting

horse racing parimatch

Although today, as many years ago, horse racing is still associated with great prestige, it is no longer just a world for so-called celebrities. Whole families increasingly come to hippodromes, and competitions take on the character of picnics. Thanks to all this, the number of people who want to admire jockeys and magnificent horses is constantly growing. Bookmakers also offer Indian horse racing online betting.

Horse racing in Parimatch

Parimatch bookmaker has a very extensive offer of horse racing bets. You can bet on the most popular horse races such as online horse race betting in India. Most often you bet on the winner, as well as on bets such as 1-2, 1-3, 1-4. Parimatch is famous for its high odds. The same is true for online horse betting online India racing, especially odds on favorites. If you want to do online horse betting in India racing, register with Parimach and get a free bonus and a risk-free bet.

What do I need to do to start playing online?

First of all, you need to register on the Parimatch website, verify your identity and make a deposit. And once your account is properly verified, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. We will get access not only to the race program and results, but also to broadcasts. In addition, there are many opportunities to place Indian horse race online betting and, soon, multiple races.

Horse racing – virtual sport

The best legal bookmaker, such as Parimatch, offers horse betting India racing in the form of virtual sports for fans of emotions. It lies in the fact that not real jockeys and horses compete on the track, but algorithms. The task of the bettor is to analyze the statistics and, based on this, indicate a specific type for the horse race betting in India.

Although horse racing online betting in India requires us to think hard and analyze a lot of data, there is also an advantage to such games. Those who like to spend many hours on bookmaker sites will be especially pleased. Thanks to short and even instant games, you can place bets and watch even several hundred events in just one day.

A few basic rules before placing a bet with a bookmaker

  • Analyze information

This is a mandatory condition for every bet. In the case of an offer at the races, you should familiarize yourself with the history of the jockey, his experience. It is also helpful to pay attention to what form the horse is in, how it performed in previous races, and how much it weighs (if its weight has changed recently).

  • Focus on multiple bets

If you are not an equestrian expert, focus on the main markets. At first, limit yourself to searching for races in those countries where they are most popular. Then it will be easier for you to find the information you need about jockeys or horses.

  • Check the weather forecast and track

The races are held outdoors, which means that the weather plays a big role in the competition. Rain can be a destructive force for the best jockeys on the best horses. In addition, the track is also important (there are slower and faster ones). And every jockey has his own preferences.

  • Keep your own statistics

True, some bookmakers, especially foreign ones, keep detailed race statistics, but you should take care of it yourself. Each race has its own history, each jockey has his own characteristic behavior on the track (one is relentless from the very beginning, the other knows how to control the power of the horse). Your own observations and thoughts can be helpful for successful typing.

  • Horse racing – basic terms

Before starting our adventure with online horse racing betting in India, it is worth familiarizing yourself with at least the basic terms in this topic. There are three main types of racing: flat racing (horses compete on a flat track), steeplechase (hardling – steeplechase) and boxing racing (sprint competition). You will also often see terms such as derby (horse racing for three-year-old horses), distaff (horse racing for female horses), or maiden (horse racing that has not yet won).

parimatch horse racing

Types of bets on horse racing

Bookmakers come to us with a fairly wide range of horse racing bets. You can make coupons both taking into account one race, and with several combined ones, i.e. multi-chasing. But let’s start with the first one.

  • Regular rate

This type of bet seems to be ideal for those who are a beginner tipster in this area. The player’s task is to choose one horse that will win the given race on the specified track.

  • Order

A bet on correctly identifying the first two horses to cross the finish line. The order in which they do it doesn’t matter. This typing works well when we have two favorites in the race.

  • Two three four

In these bets, we choose two, three or four horses that will be the fastest on the track. However, in this case, the order already matters.

  • Betting on multiple tails

Horse racing enthusiasts can also find various combinations of multi-match bets in the offers of bookmakers. And so, for example, they include such types as: double, three, fifth, seventh. They consist in the fact that the player indicates which horses will take first place in two or even seven races. In this combination, we can put different horses as winners, not always the same ones, which increases our chances of winning.