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Hockey betting

Parimatch Sports betting. Main outcomes. In hockey, like in most other sports, there are three main outcomes: P1 (first team win), P2 (second team win), and X (draw). The main outcomes usually have the lowest margin and the highest betting limits. There are also two other types of bet called double outcome or double chance. One of them is called “1X” or “X2”: it means the selected team will not lose in regulation time. A 12 in hockey means there is no draw at a regular time. Bookmaker Parimatch – sports betting in India.

Hockey betting: types

Handicap: Consider what a handicap is in hockey betting. As in other sports, this is a certain handicap of one of the teams you can bet on in world cup hockey betting. For instance, if you bet on a -1.5 handicap you should make sure that your team wins with a margin of at least two pucks. With a handicap of +1.5 you are betting that the selected team will not lose by more than one goal difference. Important: if the handicap is represented as a fraction (half handicap), such a bet cannot imply a return: it will either lose or win.

This kind of bet on a hockey match can have not only a “half”, but also a whole numerical value, so you need to understand what is a handicap +1 or -1 in hockey. The difference to a “fractional” handicap is simple: a whole handicap will mean that the bet can be calculated not only by winning or losing but also by a return. So, if you want to bet on hockey -1 of the first team, and the match ended with a score of 4-3, the bet just “hit” the value of the handicap: in this case, the betting amount is simply refunded by the bookmaker. Some bookmakers, who accept hockey bets, allow to add another half puck to the handicap with a 40% loss in odds: this helps the player to reassure himself.

Also in hockey betting, there is the “handicap 0” option: this bet is also on a particular team and will be refunded by the bookmaker in case of a draw.

Hockey betting

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Betting strategy for hockey

Total is the total number of goals scored in a match. You are offered a certain value (not a whole value in most cases, such as in NHL hockey betting), and you have to guess whether the teams will score more or less than the specified number of pucks per match. Often more than one total is offered for a single match. As in the case of handicaps, a number of betting houses allow you to add half a puck to the total.

Other bets. Bets in hockey can be very different. Depending on the attitude of the betting establishment to hockey, hockey line can both be limited to the four above offers, and include up to two to three dozen additional positions, including bet on the team that will score the first goal, individual totals for each of the teams and all leading players, the first goal time, number of penalties in the match and much, much more. This is especially true for World Cup hockey betting odds.

Pre-match analysis

The strategy of betting on hockey depends largely on the analysis that the bettor has conducted before the game. Pre-match analysis for hockey matches is similar to that for basketball. The thing is that the two sports have a lot in common in terms of organisation: each team plays 2 or 3 games a week, the number of important players is also limited to two dozen and home court advantage is extremely important and should be taken into account in analysing pre-match layouts.

Just like basketball hockey has one big disadvantage. Especially in European competitions. Most games of major continental championships can only be seen on national channels, which does not help to popularize this sport across Europe.

The current form of the opponents. Despite the fact that hockey (except hockey betting) is most often played by three fives, and it would seem that in this case the slumps are not so noticeable, you can not miss this essential element of pre-match analysis from your attention. Pay special attention to the last four or five matches. Also, do not forget that a team’s home and away games are a huge difference, so before betting, analyse the results of these matches separately, taking into account which of the opponents in the reported match is playing at home and which is playing away.

The history of the head-to-head confrontations in championship hockey betting. Although many people neglect the match history and focus their attention on other indicators, this statistical analysis is one of the key elements in a tactically complex sport like hockey. The playing models of the teams are often incompatible, and one of the opponents in the pair feels very uncomfortable, which leads to a series of results. As a result, one team is an uncomfortable opponent for the other, and no league table, no recent matches will give

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