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MMA betting

Parimatch bookmaker. Mixed martial arts, or MMA, betting on mma is a men’s favourite sports betting. The appeal of it lies in the fact that it often brings together fighters of different levels and styles in the ring. Certainly there is a big spectator interest in the USA and European countries, but for all that, every bookmaker’s office accepts bets on this dynamic sport. MMA has its own rules and peculiarities that are worth to know about when placing a bet on MMA ufc.

MMA betting

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Let us tell you about them in details. A little history of MMA

The origins of MMA can be traced back to Pankration, which was first held in Ancient Greece. At the end of the 19th century in England appeared the art of Bartitsu, which was a mix of Asian and European trends. At the beginning of the 20th century the sport emerged in Brazil, when jiu-jitsu athletes challenged fighters from other disciplines. This was the impetus for the creation of mixed martial arts. In the 70s, Japan hosted a similar competition, with Muhammad Ali making an appearance. Already in the 90’s, major tournaments appeared in the United States, Japan and elsewhere in the world. In 1938, a domestic analogue of MMA – Sambo – appeared, and now almost every one of us can place a bet on MMA.

And here the bets on the sport of MMA on the victory are somewhat:

  • On winning. Betting on MMA fights, where it is necessary to determine who will win the fight. And it does not matter in what way the victory will be obtained.
  • On winning a round. Many bookmakers offer to bet on a winner of one of the competitors in a certain round.
  • On an early victory. Online betting on MMA implies the disqualification of a fighter. For example, a knockout, a painful hold, a technical defeat, and so on. We should note right away that a victory at the end of time does not count.
  • On the exact outcome. To make a bet on MMA you have to guess not only who will win, but the way of winning: knockout, judges’ decision, decision to surrender, etc.
  • On the duration of the fight. Bookmakers offer to bet on the total number of rounds, or on the rounds that are completely over. Some bookmakers simply offer a bet saying “All rounds played? Yes:No”. You may also find bets on even/odd winning rounds, a group of rounds to be won and so on.

How to bet on fights correctly

We wrote above that no-holds-barred fights have their peculiarities and before you make a bet, you should know not only the rules of the game, but also be able to correctly assess the fighters. And don’t think that the BK made a mistake somewhere and chose the wrong odds, every quote has its own rationale.

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The bettor should immediately determine which organization hosts the fights on which he is going to bet, because each of them has its own features and rules. In European and Asian tournaments, for example, fighters have a bit more freedom than in the US. Today, there are several big MMA organizations in the world: UFC.

The biggest and strongest MMA organization. Rounds last 5 minutes. In title titles there are 5 rounds, in non-title titles 3 rounds. There is a one minute break between rounds. All UFC fights take place in a fenced octagon. Athletes must wear shorts, no shoes and a T-shirt. Bellator’s ten-point scoring system is used. Representing the world’s second largest organization. The number of rounds for title fights is 5, for non-title fights 3. There are 5 rounds of 5 minutes each, with a one minute break in between. Bouting takes place in a round robin and is defined – what is the total in mma betting.


Of course to bet at random is illogical. First and foremost, in MMA you need to assess the fighter himself, before betting on sports online mma. In mixed martial arts there are several weight classes, hence there is such a thing as “making weight”. This means that it is necessary to approach the fight with the right weight for the category. This is an important point when analysing the fight to come.

If, for example, a lighter fighter moves up a category in a couple of months, it is dangerous to bet on him, because his opponent has been working at his weight for a long time and he understands his opponent’s punching power. A newcomer, on the other hand, might just get lost in the ring. It is also important to pay attention to such indicators as height and arm span. Obviously, an athlete with punching technique is easier to fight against a fighter with smaller wingspan. The same goes for height. A taller athlete should not fight on the ground. Undoubtedly there are many subtleties in MMA, and for a proper analysis, it is worth to study them and only then can bet on MMA official website.

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