The betting line is the first thing that potential customers of a betting company pay attention to. Two bookmaker offices with almost the same betting line: Parimatch Casino and Parimatch Betting Office. Two different organisations: the first operates legally, has a license, pays tax on clients’ net winnings. The second is banned in India, which blocks access to it. The only difference is the possibility of betting in casinos, slots on the website of Parimatch.

Otherwise, they have a lot of similarities. What sports can I bet on at Parimatch online? How rich is the line? What odds does the bookmaker give for pre-match and live events? Go to the website and explore the interface, the line is possible without registration. Extended functionality, online betting on sports, video broadcasts are only available to authorized players who have passed the identification. But you can take a closer look at the online betting site now.

Parimatch live bettings

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Live betting at the bookmaker’s office Parimatch

Specifics of betting during the game. Live bets are particularly popular among Parimatch bookmaker’s clients mainly due to the greater visibility of sporting events in post-Soviet countries. This is due to BK’s focus on the LIC betting market and the presence of its own scouting team.

Features of the Live Edition

From a logistical point of view the Live server is implemented in a very friendly way: you can filter the matches according to start time, sport, as well as to form a line based on the selected games. In order to be able to check at a later stage whether the fixtures you are interested in are scheduled to take place, the list of upcoming matches is split into a separate group. The coupon window showing the number of results and the overall score can be moved around the whole page area allowing for much more comfortable use of the website.

Overview of Sports

As for foreign bookmakers, Parimatch live has a special emphasis on world famous sports events. Otherwise, the coverage of the league is average and does not follow the best international bookmakers in many ways.

  • Football. The leading rankings and championships are based on statistics including free kicks, penalties, assists, shots and cards taken. Otherwise, they will not be recorded, but even the write-up to the game from the third tier is not limited to just the occasions. In general, live, every football match is accompanied by at least one draw on totals and forwards including individual selections with a wide margin, as well as innumerable selections for time slots.
  • Tennis. The Pari-Match line caters for tournaments at such a high level as the ITF and Challengers. The roster wins with most bookmakers for its volume. Generally, there are always available handicaps and totals with a tie, exact scores as well as individual totals in games and sets.
  • Basketball. The line can find more than all basketball leagues, which are accompanied by a fairly wide roster. In live betting online you can bet on extra results, individual and total totals with a large margin, fories, as well as results in quarters.
PariMatch betting

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Ratio coefficients

PariMatch betting company does not have a low margin, the majority of the time the odds are at the average level in the market.

Margin, as a rule, varies in the range of 5-10% and equal results are offered for coefficients:

  • 1.85 – 1.85 (with two variants);
  • 2.70 – 3.00 – 2.70 (with three variants).

Technical Peculiarities

To many games marked “play”, there is the possibility of watching live broadcasts, but you should keep in mind that watching the game can only cadres with a positive balance on the account.

By setting the odds, the player will see the maximum size of the pair, saving time for bettors who operate with large sums. As a rule, sports betting takes up to 10 seconds, but the delay can be as short as 6-7 seconds in the “1-click” option. The option also allows taking a bet with the current coefficient even in case the game develops dynamically and the quotes insignificantly change every 3-5 seconds. Also, the “Live Results” section is very useful, you can use it to check the scores in the mentioned games practically without any delay.

Advantages and disadvantages of BK Parimatch

Bookmaker office Parimatch provides an opportunity to bet on sports since 1994. Since 2009, the bookmaker accepts sports betting only from Indian clients. And the number of participants has not decreased. A rich line of games, good odds – not a complete list of advantages of the bookmaker’s office. However, along with the advantages, there are some points that, according to the players, could be improved in the functionality or policy of the bookmaker Parimatch.

Parimatch - they bet-you win!

Live betting at the bookmaker’s office Parimatch

One of the strengths of this resource is the excellent live line-up with a high number of matches and good odds. You should therefore take a closer look at the live betting line-up at Pari Match.

Advantages and disadvantages of live betting

The advantage of live betting at Pari Match is the player’s ability to adjust the results of their matches. As the live mode is constantly changing results, the bettor can choose the most distant result for themselves. Bettor analyzes the situation in the course of the match and decides on the implementation of that or another bet. An unquestionable advantage of the live line on the bookmaker’s website is the availability of live video broadcasts, which allow you to watch the match in live, not in text format.

Despite visible strengths, there are some drawbacks to live line, but these are in fact also strengths of the pair. The officials have to personally monitor the course of the match and make quick decisions to minimize the pairing program. All this leads to additional stress and takes a lot of time. In some sports, the matches may last well over a year. Particularly worth noting the presence at the site of the bookmaker’s office of the possibility of exercising the line of live betting not only on classic sporting events but also on the match with world cybersports.

This feature will certainly come to the souls of lovers of virtual battles, who want to not just watch their favorite teams and players, but also try to capitalize on their knowledge of cybersports for money.

The live line at PariMatch

The live line enables you to bet on a wide range of popular sports and even cybersports. Football and tennis are the most popular. Since the entire live line is formed by the bookmaker’s office analysts, the live odds can vary greatly from those in the live line on other betting sites upwards or downwards.

Since live odds are constantly changing, you will have to constantly watch the events within a sporting match and make quick decisions, which will depend on the correctness of the profit. The advantage of the live line on the site Pari Match is that Parallel to making bets users can follow the course of the victory through online video broadcasting.

How to place live bets at Parimatch

As the user interface on the web resource is very user-friendly and simple, even inexperienced bettors can easily place a live Parimatch betting line. For this, you just need to go to the website of the company, log in and go to the appropriate section, and then select the appropriate sport and specific match.

Take the bonus at PariMatch

Once you have selected a result, the site will automatically generate a coupon that you will need to confirm. At the next step in the coupon sets the amount of paris. Then the bookmaker charges the bet, after which the players have to watch the match online and take the necessary decisions to win. As a rule, most consumers make live bets in Pari Match on tennis, football, hockey, basketball and volleyball matches:

Parimatch - make your bet!

Betting office Parimatch – the best online partner for you!

  • Football bets are usually made on total goals scored or conceded. This allows you to make money if a goal is scored in the last few halves or in a situation where the initial favorite misses a goal at the start of the game.
  • Since basketball and volleyball are both dynamic sports for keeping the momentum going, you need to stay focused and watch these matches with respect. It is important to catch that delicate moment when one of the teams begins to change the course of the match.
  • In contrast to many sports presented in the lineup, tennis is a personal sport. Therefore, the results of tennis matches depend indirectly on the current form of the players, their mood, injury.
  • Importantly, many bettors use both popular and proprietary strategies that allow them to successfully make doubles in the bookmakers’ offices.

Successful live betting strategies

In order to start betting in Parimatch Live and making money on it, it is important to keep an eye on the high stakes in the sport, as a successful bettor is an informed bettor. There are basic rules for gaming strategy:

  • predictions should only be made on sports you’re familiar with;
  • it is advisable to ignore wildly fluctuating ratios;
  • don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

It is important to understand that sports betting depends a lot not only on the individual’s analytical skills, but also on luck and chance. Therefore, do not be too embarrassed if a prediction does not work, as it is only a game.